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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

How Does One Get Past a Dragon?

GF: chapter 20, p. 345      

[Harry] asks [Hermione] to teach him a [Summoning Charm], and in less than a day, to prepare him to face the [dragon] in the [first task].

GF: chapter 20, pp. 345-347      

Over the afternoon, [Harry] practices [Summoning Charms] with [Hermione], and tries to use his spare moments in classes to practice on his own as well. Finally, late at night in the [common room], Harry masters the spell, and heads off to bed to get some rest.

Harry Versus the Hungarian Horntail

GF: chapter 20, pp. 347-348      

The morning passes in a blur as [Harry] thinks about the [first task], upcoming this afternoon.

GF: chapter 20, pp. 348-353      

[Harry] is sent to a tent on the grounds to begin the [first task]. There the [champions] pick [dragons] out of a bag that they'll have to face, [Bagman] pulls Harry outside inexplicably to offer him help, and Harry sits listening as [Cedric], [Fleur], and [Krum] face their dragons outside.

GF: chapter 20, pp. 353-356      

[Harry]'s turn at the first task finally comes, and he starts it by [Summoning] his [Firebolt]. Once on the [broom] he finally relaxes, and is able to get past the [Hungarian Horntail] and grab the egg, with the crowd - to his surprise - screaming in the background.

GF: chapter 20, pp. 356-358      

[Harry] briefly gets his shoulder mended by [Madam Pomfrey] as [McGonagall], [Hagrid], and [Moody] come in to congratulate him on passing the [dragon].

Ron and Harry Reconcile

GF: chapter 20, pp. 358-361      

Outside the medical tent, [Harry] is greeted by [Hermione] and [Ron], who finally comes around and acts like Harry's friend once again. Ron updates Harry on the others' performances, Harry gets his score (tying him for first place), and heads back into the champions' tent for an update.

GF: chapter 20, p. 361      

In the champions' tent, [Harry] learns that the dragon egg is a clue for what's coming in the [second task] and heads out to rejoin [Ron].

GF: chapter 20, pp. 361-362      

Walking back to the [castle] with [Ron] and feeling happy for the first time in weeks, [Harry] is greeted with an interview request from [Rita Skeeter] and refuses, rushing off and leaving her behind.

21. The House-Elf Liberation Front

Chapter 21 summary      

Chapter 21 - "The House-Elf Liberation Front" - In which a surprise party is held for Harry, he opens the egg, and Hermione discovers how to get into the kitchens. In Care of Magical Creatures, the Blast-ended Skrewts rebel against hibernation, Rita arranges an interview with Hagrid, and HRH go to the kitchens where they find Dobby and Winky.

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