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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
GF: chapter 21, pp. 363-364      

Harry, Ron, and Hermione head to the [Owlery] to send Pigwidgeon to Sirius, and then head back to the [common room].

GF: chapter 21, pp. 364-367      

Back in the [common room], the [Gryffindors] throw a party for Harry, highlighted by Harry's first attempt at opening his egg and Neville briefly turning into a canary. Hermione also cunningly learns from Fred how to get into the [Hogwarts] [kitchens], and finally Harry goes to bed, happy with the way his day has turned out.

GF: chapter 21, pp. 367-371      

December begins with a [Care of Magical Creatures] class that doesn't go very well as the students try unsuccessfully to see whether Blast-Ended Skrewts hibernate. The poor class is punctuated when Rita Skeeter arrives, asking to do a story on Hagrid and his creatures.

GF: chapter 21, pp. 371-372      

Harry even manages to enjoy double [Divination], joking with Ron again about Trelawney's absurd predictions (though [Lavender] and [Pavarti] still manage to be horrified again).

Down in the Kitchens

GF: chapter 21, pp. 373-383      

Ron and Harry are searching for Hermione when she comes rushing up and drags them to the [kitchens]. There, as it turns out, they find Dobby, who is thrilled to see Harry again. However they also find Winky, who is absolutely miserable. Finally they turn to go, loaded with free food from the house-elves.

GF: chapter 21, pp. 383-384      

On the way back from the [kitchens], Harry, Ron, and Hermione discuss Dobby, Winky, and the things Winky told them about [Crouch] and [Bagman].

22. The Unexpected Task

Chapter 22 summary      

Chapter 22 - "The Unexpected Task" - In which the Yule Ball is announced, and Harry learns that he is expected to have a dance partner. Harry tries to get up the nerve to ask Cho to the dance, but when he finally does finds that she already has a date with Cedric, so Harry arranges to go with Parvati Patil instead.

The Yule Ball is Announced

GF: chapter 22, pp. 385-388      

At the end of [Transfiguration] one day, McGonagall tells the students of the upcoming Yule Ball. She then makes Harry even more nervous, holding him back after class to let him know that he not only needs a date, but needs to begin the dancing.

GF: chapter 22, pp. 388-389      

Harry and Ron talk nervously about the prospect of inviting girls to the Yule Ball, and Harry is surprised when three different girls he doesn't know ask him to the ball.

GF: chapter 22, pp. 389-391      

With Harry feeling better as his life at [Hogwarts] improves, he also talks with Hagrid about his interview with Rita Skeeter.

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