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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Christmas Day

GF: chapter 23, pp. 410-411      

[Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] spend the day enjoying their presents, stuffing themselves over lunch, and snowball fighting with [Fred], [George], and [Ginny]. Finally they all head back up to the [dormitory] to get ready for the [Yule Ball].

GF: chapter 23, p. 411      

In the [dormitory] the fourth-year boys change into their [dress robes], with [Ron] mortified again at his appearance in his own.

At the Yule Ball

GF: chapter 23, pp. 412-414      

[Harry] meets [Pavarti] and they head down to the [Yule Ball] together. On the way in, Harry realizes that [Hermione]'s partner is [Viktor Krum], and that she's made herself stunningly beautiful. Finally, he and the other champions lead the way into the [Great Hall], ready for the ball to begin.

GF: chapter 23, pp. 414-425      

In the [Great Hall] the champions head up to the top table, where they sit and enjoy dinner. Finally the dance begins, with even [Harry] and [Ron] managing not to make fools of themselves as the [Weird Sisters] perform. After the first dance, they sit (Ron sulking) and chat with various other students and teachers before finally deciding to take a walk outside.

GF: chapter 23, pp. 425-429      

[Harry] and [Ron] walk out of the [Yule Ball] and around the courtyard, where they overhear [Karkaroff] and [Snape] talking about something "getting clearer." As they keep walking, they overhear another conversation, this time between [Hagrid] and [Madame Maxime], in which Hagrid admits to being part-[giant].

GF: chapter 23, pp. 429-431      

Back in the [Yule Ball], [Ron] tells [Harry] the signifcance of [Hagrid] being part-[giant], and they grudgingly watch the rest of the ball before heading back out.

GF: chapter 23, pp. 431-432      

[Cedric] stops [Harry] on his way back up to [Gryffindor Tower], and gives him a hint about his egg - that he should take a bath with it, in the prefects' bathroom.

GF: chapter 23, p. 432      

Returning to the [common room], [Harry] discovers [Ron] and [Hermione] at loggerheads, with Hermione finally screaming that Ron should have asked her to the [Yule Ball] first, rather than waiting until the last minute.

24. Rita Skeeter's Scopp
Chapter 24 summary      

Chapter 24 - "Rita Skeeter's Scoop" - In which past arguments are forgotten, and Hagrid is replaced as Care of Magical Creatures teacher when Rita Skeeter writes a defamatory article about him. HRH try but fail to visit him. HRH encounter Bagman in Hogsmeade, where Harry rejects his offer of help with the Tournament. Rita arrives and is verbally assaulted by Harry and Hermione, who then go to Hagrid's cabin, finding Dumbledore there. Together they persuade Hagrid to return to work.

The Part-giant

GF: chapter 24, pp. 433-435      

The morning after the [Yule Ball], [Harry] and [Ron] update [Hermione] on [Hagrid] being part-[giant]. They also begin thinking about the homework that is due soon, and Harry begins thinking about how to get through his clue about what's coming in the [second task].

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