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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The Part-giant

GF: chapter 24, pp. 435-441      

Back in classes, [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] discover [Hagrid] gone, and [Professor Grubbly-Plank] teaching [Care of Magical Creatures] in his place. They soon discover why when [Malfoy] shows them a [Daily Prophet} article, written by [Rita Skeeter], that exposes Hagrid as a part-[giant].

GF: chapter 24, pp. 441-443      

After class, [Harry] shows [Hermione] the article about [Hagrid] being part-[giant], and they wonder how [Rita Skeeter] found out. When they try to visit him, though, he refuses to answer the door.

Hogsmeade and Rita Skeeter

GF: chapter 24, pp. 443-444      

Despite [Hermione]'s insistence that he should be working on his clue for the [second task], [Harry] resolves to go to [Hogsmeade] with his classmates. On the way, they pass [Krum] swimming in the [lake], wondering what on earth he's doing.

GF: chapter 24, pp. 444-451      

In the [Three Broomsticks] there's no sign of [Hagrid], though [Ludo Bagman] does offer to help [Harry] with the upcoming [second task]. Bagman than skips off, clearly avoiding [Fred and George], not to mention a crowd of [goblins] that seem to be following him. [Rita Skeeter] walks in next, and [Hermione] shows her up and storms off.

GF: chapter 24, pp. 451-456      

Running back from [Hogsmeade], [Hermione] leads [Ron] and [Harry] to [Hagrid]'s doorstep, where they all but bang down his door. Surprisingly [Dumbledore] answers the door, and he and the trio convince Hagrid to return to work instead.

GF: chapter 24, pp. 456-457      

On the way back from [Hagrid]'s, [Harry] decides it's time to try and solve his hint for the [second task].

25. The Egg and the Eye

Chapter 25 summary      

Chapter 25 - "The Egg and the Eye" - In which Harry works on solving the secret of the egg in the Prefects' bathroom, is helped by Moaning Myrtle, sees Crouch on the Marauder's Map, gets stuck in the stairs, barely escapes being caught by Snape, and the fake Moody borrows Harry's map.

GF: chapter 25, pp. 458-466      

[Harry] sneaks into the [prefects' bathroom] late at night to try to solve his egg clue about the [second task]. There, with a little hope from [Moaning Myrtle], he figures out that he'll have to swim underwater for an hour to rescue something from the [merpeople] in the [lake].

GF: chapter 25, pp. 466-474      

On his way back from the [prefects' bathroom], [Harry] spots something strange on the [Marauder's Map] - [Barty Crouch], in [Snape's office]. Running under his [invisibility cloak] to look, though, he instead gets stuck on the stairs and drops his egg. [Filch] and [Snape] soon come running, but are diverted by [Moody], who quickly diverts them and gets Harry out of his jam.

GF: chapter 25, pp. 474-478      

With [Filch] and [Snape] gone, [Moody] helps [Harry] get his foot out of the stair and Harry tells him about seeing [Barty Crouch] on the [Marauder's Map]. Moody then asks to borrow the map, suggests that Harry become an [Auror], and sends him off to bed.

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