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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
26. The Second Task
Chapter 26 summary      

Chapter 26 - "The Second Task" - In which HRH discuss the situation in Charms class, HRH search for spells to help with the second task, and Hagrid returns to Care of Magical Creatures. Harry continues his studying all through the night before the second task, to be awakened by Dobby (who gives him gillyweed for breathing underwater). Harry performs the second task: to recover from the merpeople what was taken from each Champion. Harry rescues Ron and Fleur's sister, tying with Cedric on points.

GF: chapter 26, pp. 479-481      

[Harry] spends [Charms] class telling [Ron] and [Hermione] about his seeing [Barty Crouch] sneaking around [Snape's office] on the [Marauder's Map], and they wonder why [Moody] seems so worried about [Snape] despite [Dumbledore]'s trusting him.

Preparing for the Second Task

GF: chapter 26, pp. 481-483      

As time to the [second task] drifts away, [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] spend their time in the [library] desperately trying to find a way for him to breath underwater for an hour.

GF: chapter 26, pp. 483-484      

At breakfast, [Harry] writes to [Sirius] letting him know the date of the next [Hogsmeade] weekend, and, still worried about the [second task], he, [Ron], and [Hermione] depart for class.

GF: chapter 26, pp. 484-485      

In [Care of Magical Creatures], [Hagrid]'s lessons pick up where [Grubbly-Plank] left off with a lesson on [unicorn] foals. During class, he pulls [Harry] aside to ask him about his preparedness for the upcoming [second task], and Harry tells him he's ready for it, unable to tell the truth.

GF: chapter 26, pp. 485-489      

The night before the [second task], [Harry] desperately tries to find a way to survive underwater, but with no luck. When [Fred and George] arrive and tell [Ron] and [Hermione] that [McGonagall] is looking for them, Harry is left by himself, and finally falls asleep at a table in the [library].

GF: chapter 26, pp. 489-492      

[Harry] is awakened in the [library] by [Dobby], who tells him the [second task] is minutes away from starting. Panicked, Harry also realizes that Dobby has brought him a way to complete it - a fistful of [gillyweed]. As Dobby runs back off to the [kitchen], Harry races for the [lake] as fast as he can go.

GF: chapter 26, pp. 492-493      

[Harry] arrives minutes before the [second task] is set to begin, amidst a panicked crowd of supporters. [Bagman] manages to offer Harry help once more, but before he knows it the whistle blows and the task begins.

Competing in the Second Task

GF: chapter 26, pp. 493-503      

As the [second task] begins [Harry] pops in his [gillyweed], starts swimming, and goes searching for the [merpeople]. Despite some scary run-ins with [grindylows], he is pointed in the right direction by [Moaning Myrtle] and finds the four captives. When [Cedric] and [Krum] arrive, [Harry] grabs [Ron] and [Fleur]'s little sister and only just makes it to the bank, finishing the task.

GF: chapter 26, pp. 503-508      

Back at the surface, [Fleur] thanks [Harry] for bringing [Gabrielle] back with him, and despite being late he is awarded high marks by the judges for "moral fiber," tying him for first place with [Cedric]. Finally, he heads back toward the castle, grateful that the [second task] is finished, and incredibly grateful for his friendship with [Dobby].

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