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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
27. Padfoot Returns
Chapter 27 summary      

Chapter 27 - "Padfoot Returns" - In which Ron becomes a celebrity, Skeeter writes an article about Hermione, Snape reads it in class, Harry overhears Snape and Karkaroff, and HRH meet Sirius outside Hogsmeade, learning about Barty Crouch's son dying in Azkaban.

GF: chapter 27, pp. 509-510      

As time passes following the [second task], Ron shows his excitement around getting attention for being involved. When he begins to brag just a bit too much, though, Hermione quickly puts him in his place.

GF: chapter 27, pp. 510-511      

At breakfast Harry receives a letter from Sirius, asking to meet on his next [Hogsmeade] trip.

An Embarrassing Potions Class

GF: chapter 27, pp. 511-514      

Outside [Potions] class, the [Slytherins] lose no time in showing Harry, Ron, and Hermione the latest Rita Skeeter article, though Hermione makes a point of not reacting. She does wonder, though, how Rita learned true secret details of her relationship with [Krum].

GF: chapter 27, pp. 514-518      

Snape interrupts Hermione's conversation with Harry and Ron to belittle her in front of the class, reading Rita Skeeter's article about her aloud dramatically. Then, as class continues, Snape comes up to Harry, accusing him of stealing supplies from his private stores and threatens him with [Veritaserum], though Harry knows he hasn't done it.

GF: chapter 27, pp. 518-519      

As [Potions] class winds down, [Karkaroff] comes in demanding to speak to Snape. Harry hangs back after class, overhearing Karkaroff showing Snape something that's "never been this clear," obviously angering Snape.

Snuffles in Hogsmeade

GF: chapter 27, pp. 519-521      

Harry, Ron, and Hermione head to [Hogsmeade], where they buy Dobby some socks and soon meet up with Sirius in his [Animagus] form, and he leads them back to a hidden cave.

GF: chapter 27, pp. 521-534      

Hidden safely away in a cave, Harry, Ron, and Hermione chat with Sirius as he eats the food they've brought. They tell him about [Barty Crouch]'s strange behavior and he describes Crouch's past as a Death Eater-hunter whose own son turned out to be on Voldemort's side. Then then wonder together about Snape's allegiances, when they realize it's time to head back to the [castle] and depart.

28. The Madness of Mr. Crouch

Chapter 28 summary      

Chapter 28 - "The Madness of Mr. Crouch" - In which HRH visit the kitchens again, Hermione upsets Winky, and Harry sends owls with food to Sirius, Hermione gets threatening letters by owl, Hagrid has Nifflers in Care of Magical Creatures, more hate mail arrives, Harry learns that the Third Task involves a maze, Krum asks Harry about his relationship with Hermione, Crouch appears (bloody, bedraggled and incoherent), Harry goes for Dumbledore but Crouch apparently attacks Krum and runs off.

GF: chapter 28, pp. 535-539      

After a quick stop at the [Owlery] to ask Percy about [Mr. Crouch], Harry, Ron, and Hermione head back down to the [kitchen] again to present Dobby with new socks. They discover, though, that Winky seems to be slipping into perpetual drunkenness, and when Hermione tries to rally the house-elves around freedom, they get angry and kick her out.

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