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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
GF: chapter 28, pp. 539-540      

Over the rest of the day, [Harry] sends food back off to [Sirius] and sits listening to [Ron] and [Hermione] argue as he watches [Hagrid], who seems to be digging a fresh vegetable patch.

Hate Mail for Hermione

GF: chapter 28, pp. 540-542      

At breakfast [Hermione] receives a [Daily Prophet], and, it soon transpires, loads of hate mail as well (courtesy of [Rita Skeeter]'s article defaming her in [Witch Weekly].

GF: chapter 28, pp. 542-546      

[Harry] refuses to grant the [Slytherins] the knowledge of the trouble caused to [Hermione] by [Rita Skeeter]'s article, but instead focuses on [Care of Magical Creatures] class, and the lesson on [nifflers]. Hermione returns at the end of class, but as she, Harry, and [Ron] walk back up to the [castle], she obsesses over her hatred of Rita Skeeter, while Ron bemoans his poverty.

GF: chapter 28, pp. 546-548      

As hate mail for [Hermione] continues to arrive, she tries to figure out how [Rita Skeeter] has been eavesdropping, certain that her method is illegal.

GF: chapter 28, p. 549      

Easter eggs arrive from [Mrs. Weasley] (although [Hermione]'s is tiny), along with an irritated note from [Percy].

GF: chapter 28, pp. 549-551      

After weeks of waiting, [Harry] finally receives word of the [third task] when [McGonagall] tells him to report to the [Quidditch pitch], and he discovers that the upcoming task will be a maze.

Harry and Krum Encounter Mr. Crouch

GF: chapter 28, pp. 551-557      

On the way back to the castle, [Viktor Krum] pulls [Harry] aside to ask about his relationship with [Hermione]. As they walk over by the [Forbidden Forest], though, [Barty Crouch] comes crawling out, seemingly alternating between his normal self and a sort of insanity, asking Harry for help. Harry leaves Krum behind, then, and runs to get help.

GF: chapter 28, pp. 557-558      

Desperately trying to get into [Dumbledore's office] to tell him about [Barty Crouch], [Harry] is instead sidetracked by [Snape], who seems determined to prevent him from getting what he wants. Soon, though, the door slides open and [Dumbledore] appears, letting Harry lead him to Crouch.

GF: chapter 28, pp. 558-563      

[Harry] and [Dumbledore] run down to the [Forbidden Forest], searching for [Barty Crouch]. Instead, however, they find that [Krum] has been knocked out and Crouch is gone. [Hagrid] retrives an irate [Karkaroff], [Moody] runs to find Crouch, and Dumbledore orders Hagrid to take Harry back to [Gryffindor Tower] immediately.

29. The Dream

Chapter 29 summary      

Chapter 29 - "The Dream" - In which HRH discuss Crouch, Fred and George discuss blackmail, and Moody discusses Crouch. Harry prepares for the Third Task, dreams of Voldemort in Divination, and reports to Dumbledore.

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