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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

A Busy Owlery

GF: chapter 29, pp. 564-566      

In the morning, [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] stand in the [Owlery] wondering what happened to [Crouch] and [Krum], and what Crouch's rants all meant.

GF: chapter 29, pp. 566-569      

[Hermione] tells [Harry] and [Ron] to freeze, as they hear someone coming - but it turns out to be [Fred and George], talking on the way up about blackmailing someone. When Ron confronts them about it, though, they shove him away and walk off, leaving the trio wondering what they're up to.

GF: chapter 29, p. 569      

[History of Magic] crawls along, with even [Hermione] avoiding taking notes, for the first time in memory.

GF: chapter 29, pp. 569-571      

After class, [Harry], [Ron] and [Hermione] race to find [Moody], and ask him whether he managed to find [Barty Crouch]. To their disappointment, he says that he didn't, and asks Harry to be focusing instead on the upcoming [third task].

GF: chapter 29, pp. 572-573      

[Sirius] writes back to [Harry], chastizing him for walking off on the grounds with [Viktor Krum]. [Hermione] finally reasons with him as well, and convinces Harry to stay indoors until the [third task].

GF: chapter 29, pp. 573-575      

During a free moment in the [Charms] classroom, [Harry] practices [Stunning Spells] on [Ron] and [Hermione]. They then decide to move on to [hexes] next, but the bell rings and Harry and Ron grudgingly make their way up to [Divination].

A Disturbing Dream in Divination

GF: chapter 29, pp. 575-577      

In [Divination], [Harry] falls asleep and has a [dream] - or perhaps a vision - that [Voldemort] is torturing [Wormtail].

GF: chapter 29, pp. 577-578      

[Harry] is awakened by [Ron] and [Trelawney], the latter of whom seems overly excited about his falling on the floor screaming and clutching his [scar]. Instead he tells her he's heading for the [hospital wing], and sets off out of class.

GF: chapter 29, pp. 578-579      

Rushing out of [Divination], [Harry] heads not for the [hospital wing] but for [Dumbledore's office]. He manages to guess the correct [password], "[Cockroach Cluster]," and heads inside.

GF: chapter 29, pp. 579-580      

Partially into [Dumbledore's office], [Harry] overhears [Dumbledore] and [Fudge] arguing over what happened to [Barty Crouch] and [Viktor Krum]. Fudge seems prejudiced to think that [Madame Maxime] might have been to blame, but won't be swayed by Dumbledore's logic. They are soon stopped, though, when [Moody] notices that Harry is outside the door.

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