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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
30. The Pensieve
Chapter 30 summary      

Chapter 30 - "The Pensieve" - In which Harry, left alone in Dumbledore's office, sees some glimpses of the past in Dumbledore's Pensieve; Karkaroff giving evidence before a court of wizards, Crouch's son being sentenced to Azkaban. Harry tells Dumbledore about his dream, and the headmaster speculates on its meaning.

Harry Discovers the Pensieve

GF: chapter 30, pp. 581-582      

[Harry] walks into [Dumbledore's office], briefly mentioning that [Madame Maxime] didn't seem to be responsible for the disappearance of [Barty Crouch] before [Dumbledore], [Fudge], and [Moody] walk off to examine the grounds, leaving Harry behind to wait for Dumbledore's return.

GF: chapter 30, pp. 582-585      

Left alone in [Dumbledore's office], [Harry] says hello to [Fawkes] and then notices a silvery light inside a cabinet - a [Pensieve]. Leaning forward to see what's inside, he accidentally touches his nose to the surface, and plummets inside.

In Courtroom Ten

GF: chapter 30, pp. 585-591      

Surprised to have fallen into the [Pensieve] and to be finding himself in [Courtroom Ten], [Harry] looks around panicked and realizes that he's in a memory. The memory is of a hearing for [Karkaroff], who, it soon becomes clear, has been sent to [Azkaban] but is turning in names of fellow [Death Eaters] to be released. Most of the names are no good, but [Rookwood] sparks some interest in the room, and [Snape] sparks some obvious interest for Harry.

GF: chapter 30, pp. 591-593      

The room starts swirling, and [Harry] finds himself in a new memory, though it's once again in [Courtroom Ten]. This time, [Ludo Bagman] defends himself against charges of being a [Death Eater], and is successful, though it seems his popularity as a [Quidditch] player might have something to do with it.

GF: chapter 30, pp. 593-596      

The scene swirls again, and [Harry] lands in a third memory. This time, it's a trial for the [Lestranges] and [Barty Crouch, Jr.] They are immediately convicted and sent to [Azkaban], but when [Crouch, Jr.] swears his innocence, [Barty Crouch, Sr.] - conducting the trial - refuses to listen, publicly disowning him instead.

GF: chapter 30, pp. 596-604      

As [Crouch, Jr.] is hauled off to [Azkaban], the modern-day [Dumbledore] appears next to [Harry] and pulls him back to his office. There, he explains the [Pensieve], showing Harry a very brief memory of [Bertha Jorkins]. Harry then explains his dream of [Voldemort] and [Wormtail], and Dumbledore confirms his suspicions that Voldemort is getting stronger once again, and that, despite what Harry's seen, he still completely trusts [Severus Snape].

31. The Third Task
Chapter 31 summary      

Chapter 31 - "The Third Task" - In which Harry tells Ron and Hermione about the visit to Dumbledore's office, Harry practices for the third task, Skeeter writes another article about Harry, and Hermione finally figures out how Rita gets her information. Mrs. Weasley and Bill arrive to watch Harry in the Tournament, the four champions enter the maze, monsters are met, Fleur screams, and Krum apparently attacks Cedric. Harry meets a sphinx and solves a riddle, only to be attacked by a huge spider. Harry and Cedric agree to grasp the Cup at the same time, tying for the win.

GF: chapter 31, pp. 605-607      

[Harry] sits in the [common room] with [Ron] and [Hermione], telling them all he saw in [Dumbledore]'s [pensieve]. Before long they head off to bed, with Harry thinking about the [Longbottoms] and the [Crouches], and how [Voldemort] was the one responsible for tearing the families apart.

GF: chapter 31, pp. 607-609      

[Hermione] and [Ron] continue to help with [Harry]'s preparations for the [third task], now consistently in the [Transfiguration classroom]. As they finish one session, however, they notice [Malfoy] outside the window, talking into his hand, and wonder what he could be doing.

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