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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
GF: chapter 31, pp. 609-610      

[Sirius] writes to [Harry] again, warning him to stay safe and to just get through the [third task].

The Day of the Third Task

GF: chapter 31, pp. 610-615      

At breakfast the morning off the [third task], a new [Rita Skeeter] article appears in the [Daily Prophet], naming [Harry] as "disturbed and dangerous." [Hermione] seems to figure out how Rita is getting her information, and dashes off quickly to the [library], and [McGonagall] invites Harry to come with the other champions to meet their families as [Ron] heads off for his final exam.

GF: chapter 31, pp. 615-616      

Though [Harry] dawdles, not wanting to face up to the fact that his family has certainly not come to see the [third task], he is eventually called into the next room where [Molly Weasley] and [Bill] are waiting to surprise him. They talk for a bit about their memories of [Hogwarts], and head off for a tour with Harry.

GF: chapter 31, pp. 616-617      

[Amos Diggory] stops [Harry] to gloat about [Cedric] and take his frustration over the [Daily Prophet] out on Harry.

GF: chapter 31, pp. 617-620      

[Harry] spends an enjoyable morning with [Molly] and [Bill], and over lunch points out to Mrs. Weasley that [Hermione] is not, in fact, his girlfriend (which substantially warms Mrs. Weasley towards her once again). Finally, he is called down for the [third task], and walks out of the [Great Hall] with [Bagman].

GF: chapter 31, pp. 620-635      

Finally the stadium fills in and the [third task] begins. [Harry] races through the maze, periodically running into the other [champions] as he makes his way past a [boggart], an [anti-gravity mist], and a [Blast-Ended Skrewt]. He surprisingly catches [Krum] torturing [Cedric] and stops him, and after an encounter with a [sphinx], runs into Cedric and an [acromantula], which they defeat together - and they soon take the cup together as well, and are pulled out of the maze.

32. Flesh, Blood, and Bone
Chapter 32 summary      

Chapter 32 - "Flesh, Blood, and Bone" - In which Harry and Cedric are transported to a graveyard, encountering Voldemort. Cedric is killed, Harry is tied to Riddle's tombstone, and Wormtail resurrects Voldemort.

GF: chapter 32, pp. 636-643      

Alarmed, [Harry] and [Cedric] find themselves in a [graveyard] with someone approaching, and before they know what's happening, Cedric is killed and Harry is bound to a tombstone - [Tom Riddle]'s - by [Wormtail]. Wormtail then pulls out an enormous [cauldron] and performs a complex spell, which Harry soon realizes means that [Lord Voldemort] has returned.

33. The Death Eaters
Chapter 33 summary      

Chapter 33 - "The Death Eaters" - In which Voldemort summons the Death Eaters, chastises them, and reveals his plans, explaining how he came back to life.

GF: chapter 33, pp. 644-658      

With [Harry] tied up, [Voldemort] takes action, calling his [Death Eaters] to return to his side. They do so, and he welcomes them back, though he also expresses his anger that they did not seek him out. He then tells his version of the story of his downfall and of his return, tortures Harry, and then demands that Harry be untied.

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