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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Much Ado in the Hospital Wing

GF: chapter 36, pp. 699-701      

[Dumbledore] brings [Harry] back to the [hospital wing], asks the others not to question him, and departs as Harry takes a [sleeping potion] to get some rest.

GF: chapter 36, pp. 701-710      

[Harry] awakens to the sound of screaming, and soon discovers that [Fudge] has allowed a [dementor] to kill [Barty Crouch, Jr.] [Dumbledore] soon arrives and tells Fudge that [Voldemort] has returned to power, but Fudge vehemently denies that it is a possibility. Dumbledore then calmly states that he will be working "as I see fit," against Voldemort, with or without the support of the [Ministry of Magic], and Fudge hands Harry his [Triwizard] winnings and storms out.

GF: chapter 36, pp. 710-714      

With [Fudge] gone, [Dumbledore] sweeps into action. He sends [Bill] to get the support of wizards in the [Ministry of Magic], [McGonagall] to fetch [Hagrid] and [Madame Maxime], and [Madame Pomfrey] to fetch [Winky]. He then asks [Sirius] to reveal his identity and run off to bring together "the old crowd," and asks [Snape] to go and do what he "must ask him to do," before departing himself.

GF: chapter 36, pp. 714-715      

With [Dumbledore] gone, [Harry] sits with the [Weasleys], thinking about [Cedric]'s death and wanting to give away his [Triwizard] winnings. He also hears [Hermione] mysteriously slam something, before taking the rest of his [sleeping potion] and falling back asleep.

37. The Beginning

Chapter 37 summary      

Chapter 37 - "The Beginning" - In which the school returns to normal, HRH visit Hagrid, and the Leaving Feast takes place, at which Dumbledore tells the students of Cedric's death and warns them about Voldemort's return. Goodbyes are said, and on the train home, Hermione reveals the captured Skeeter (a beetle) in a jar. Malfoy and his cronies arrive to taunt HRH but are blasted by hexes. Harry gives his winnings to Fred and George to start a joke shop.

GF: chapter 37, pp. 716-717      

[Harry] has a painful meeting with the [Diggorys], in which he explains how [Cedric] died and tries to get them to take the [Triwizard] winning, although they refuse.

GF: chapter 37, pp. 717-718      

Most students skirt [Harry] in the halls, but still upset over all he's experienced, he finds he doesn't care, preferring to spend his time with [Ron] and [Hermione] instead.

GF: chapter 37, pp. 718-719      

[Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] walk down to visit [Hagrid], where they talk briefly about [Voldemort]'s return and Hagrid's pride over all that Harry has done. Hagrid also lets them know that he has an assignment over the summer, though he doesn't tell them what it is.

GF: chapter 37, pp. 720-724      

As the year closes, [Harry] heads down to the final feast in the [Great Hall]. There, [Dumbledore] toasts [Cedric]'s memory, and Harry's bravery as well, and implores everyone in the room to choose to do what is right, and stay united, with dark times ahead.

Going Home

GF: chapter 37, pp. 724-726      

On the way out of [Hogwarts], [Fleur] stops [Harry] to say goodbye, and [Krum] pulls [Hermione] aside and then bids goodbye to Harry as well, signing one last autograph for [Ron] before departing.

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