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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Going Home

GF: chapter 37, pp. 726-730      

On the [Hogwarts Express] back toward [London], Hermione sits reading the [Daily Prophet], and then finally admits that she's caught Rita Skeeter, who turned out to be an unregistered [Animagus]. Malfoy shows up and insults her, but when he insults Cedric as well it's too much - he is attacked by everyone in the train compartment and rolled into the hallway.

GF: chapter 37, pp. 730-733      

As the [Hogwarts Express] continues home, Fred and George explain their blackmailing story, telling the others about Ludo Bagman's refusal to pay their gambling winnings after the [Quidditch World Cup]. When the train stops, though, Harry pulls the twins back, and gives them his [Triwizard] winnings to start their joke shop, and walks out before they can protest.

GF: chapter 37, p. 734      

Harry finally meets the [Dursleys] and heads back to [number four, Privet Drive], resolved to take on whatever the coming years may bring.

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