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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Dinner in the Garden

GF: chapter 5, pp. 58-59      

Down in the kitchen, [Mrs. Weasley] complains about [Fred and George]'s lack of ambition while cooking dinner, until finally [Ron], [Harry], [Hermione], and [Ginny] all scoot outside.

GF: chapter 5, pp. 59-60      

[Harry] and his companions make it out into the garden to find [Bill] and [Charlie] making two old tables do battle in the air, much to [Percy]'s annoyance. Finally, they set the tables down and set up the yard for a family dinner.

GF: chapter 5, pp. 60-64      

Dinner with the [Weasleys] makes for a pleasant evening for [Harry], who listens in as the family talks about [Percy]'s [cauldrons], [Ludo Bagman], the lost [Bertha Jorkins], the local teams' performances in the [Quidditch World Cup], and [Molly]'s displeasure with [Bill]'s long hair. [Ron] quietly asks [Harry] about [Sirius], but soon Mrs. Weasley sends everyone off to bed - though not before [Fred] sneaks in one last joke at Percy's expense.

6. The Portkey

Chapter 6 summary      

Chapter 6 - "The Portkey" - In which Apparition is discussed, Fred and George are caught with toffees, and everyone sets off via Portkey for the World Cup site.

GF: chapter 6, pp. 65-69      

Before he knows it [Harry] is being awakened by [Mrs. Weasley] to prepare to leave for the [Quidditch World Cup]. He groggily settles down to breakfast, talking with the [Weasleys] about [Apparating]. Before everyone leaves, however, Mrs. Weasley notices that [Fred and George] are sneaking out their joke products, and throws them away, leaving them in a rotten mood.

GF: chapter 6, pp. 69-71      

En route to [Stoatshead Hill], [Mr. Weasley] tells [Harry] about the organization of the [Quidditch World Cup]. The group soon arrives and then begins searching for the [Portkey].

GF: chapter 6, pp. 71-74      

The search for the [Portkey] concludes when [Amos Diggory] hails [Mr. Weasley] from across the hill. The kids are introduced to Amos and [Cedric], and the whole group grabs hold of the boot, which soon transports them to the [Quidditch World Cup].

7. Bagman and Crouch
Chapter 7 summary      

Chapter 7 - "Bagman and Crouch" - In which they arrive at the campsite, erect their tent, tour the camp, meet Ludo Bagman (with whom Fred and George bet on the match), and excitement rises as game time draws near.

Setting Up Camp

GF: chapter 7, pp. 75-76      

The party is greeted by [Basil], a wizard from the [Ministry of Magic], who directs [Mr. Weasley] and [Amos Diggory] to their respective campsites, and the groups soon set off to set up camp.

GF: chapter 7, pp. 76-78      

[Arthur Weasley] leads his family to their [campsite], where [Mr. Roberts], a [Muggle], directs them to the proper location. He seems to be getting suspicious about all the wizards around, though, and a wizard from the [Ministry] soon arrives and erases his memory.

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