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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Setting Up Camp

GF: chapter 7, pp. 78-81      

After a bit of walking and marvelling at other wizards' showing off, Mr. Weasley manages to find the campsite and, with the help of Harry and Hermione, erect a pair of impressive tents.

GF: chapter 7, pp. 81-85      

Harry, Ron, and Hermione set off across the [campsite] to find water. On the way see a number of friends from [Hogwarts], Harry learns about the Irish and Bulgarian [Quidditch] teams, and they marvel at a number of wizards in foolish outfits or displaying magic in public.

GF: chapter 7, pp. 85-86      

Back at the tent Hermione helps Mr. Weasley light a fire, and the group prepares dinner while Mr. Weasley points out various employees of the [Ministry of Magic].

GF: chapter 7, pp. 86-92      

Still at the campsite, the group is joined by Bill, Charlie, and Percy, and then soon afterward by Ludo Bagman. Ludo talks about his excitement and lets Fred and George bet on the match. Before long, [Mr. Crouch] arrives, too, discussing [Ministry] regulations and [flying carpets]. Finally, Crouch drags Bagman away, though not before referring to Percy as 'Weatherby.'

GF: chapter 7, pp. 92-94      

At dusk the crowd begins to migrate to the [Quidditch World Cup Stadium]. On the way, Harry, Ron, and Hermione stop for souveniers, and Harry buys [Omnioculars] for each of them.

8. The Quidditch World Cup
Chapter 8 summary      

Chapter 8 - "The Quidditch World Cup" - In which the spectators take their seats, Harry meets Winky (house elf for Barty Crouch), the Malfoys, and Mr. Oblansk (the Bulgarian Minister for Magic). The pre-game show features the Bulgarian and Irish team mascots, followed by the introductions of the teams, and the game begins. Ireland takes an early lead and eventually wins despite repeated Bulgarian fouls and Krum catching the Snitch. Fred and George win their bet with Bagman.

In the Top Box

GF: chapter 8, pp. 95-97      

Harry marvels at the surroundings as Mr. Weasley leads him and his friends up to the top box in the [Quidditch World Cup Stadium].

GF: chapter 8, pp. 97-99      

In the top box, Harry thinks he sees Dobby but it turns out to be Winky, another house-elf and a friend of Dobby's, who seems to be terrified of heights.

GF: chapter 8, pp. 99-102      

As Harry, Ron, and Hermione eagerly anticipate the match, they watch the [Bulgarian Minester for Magic] file into the top box, and soon afterward the Malfoy family as well, who of course insult the Weasleys the moment they set eyes on them. Finally Ludo Bagman arrives and prepares to open the match.

Bulgaria Versus Ireland!

GF: chapter 8, pp. 102-106      

The [Quidditch World Cup] prepares to begin, as the Bulgarian [veela] and the Irish [leprechauns] each perform for the crowd. Before long - and once the boys in the crowd have gotten their fascination with the veela under control - the [Quidditch] teams are introduced, along with the referee, and the match gets underway.

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