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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Bulgaria Versus Ireland!

GF: chapter 8, pp. 106-116      

The final match of the [Quidditch World Cup], between [Bulgaria] and [Ireland]. Marked by spectacular play on the part of the Irish [Chasers] and Bulgaria's [Seeker], [Viktor Krum], the match ends when Krum catches the [Snitch] but Ireland wins anyway. There is also a near fight between the two countries' mascots - the [veela] and the [leprechauns].

9. The Dark Mark

Chapter 9 summary      

Chapter 9 - "The Dark Mark" - In which Harry dreams about Quidditch, some wizards run amok, Ministry wizards attempt to stop them, and HRH hide in the forest, encountering Draco Malfoy along the way. Harry discovers that he has lost his wand. HRH meet Bagman, hear noises in the forest, and see the Dark Mark. Ministry wizards arrive and shoot Stunning Spells in every direction, hitting Winky, whom they blame for conjuring the Dark Mark (though they soon realize that this is unlikely).

GF: chapter 9, pp. 117-118      

The [Weasley] clan makes its way back to the tents and sits up talking about the [Quidditch World Cup]. Finally, when [Ginny] falls asleep, everyone else heads to bed as well, with [Harry] dreaming about one day playing professsional [Quidditch] himself.

GF: chapter 9, pp. 118-128      

[Harry] is suddenly awakened by [Mr. Weasley], who orders the kids all out of the tents and into the woods behind the [campsite]. Harry soon sees why: a group of [Death Eaters] is marching through the campsite, [levitating] the bodies of the [Muggles] who own the campsite. Harry, [Ron], and [Hermione] turn to run, having run-ins en route with an extraordinarily offensive [Draco Malfoy], some [Beauxbatons] students, [Winky], [Stan Shunpike], and [Ludo Bagman], and the three finally freeze to hide.

The Dark Mark is Conjured

GF: chapter 9, pp. 128-139      

Unexpectedly someone behind [Harry] shouts an incantation, casting the [Dark Mark] into the sky. [Ministry] officials soon surround Harry, [Ron], and [Hermione], shooting [stunners] into the woods. Once [Mr. Crouch] gets over interrogating the kids, [Amos Diggory] finds [Winky] in the woods, and the [Ministry] officials determine that the Harry's [wand], which she had been holding, had been used to cast the spell. Mr. Crouch sacks her on the spot, and everyone retreats back to the [campsite].

GF: chapter 9, pp. 139-144      

While walking back to the tent, [Hermione] seethes over [Barty Crouch]'s treatment of [Winky], and [Arthur] explains everything that happened in the woods to the rest of the [Weasleys]. [Harry] also learns the significance of the [Dark Mark] and the [Death Eaters], and goes off to bed once again, wondering what all of the signs he's been seeing could mean.

10. Mayhem at the Ministry

Chapter 10 summary      

Chapter 10 - "Mayhem at the Ministry" - In which they travel via Portkey back to the Burrow, Harry tells Ron and Hermione about his dream, Mr. Weasley returns home to report problems with Rita Skeeter's articles in The Daily Prophet, and HRH prepare to return to Hogwarts.

Back to the Burrow

GF: chapter 10, pp. 145-146      

Early in the morning [Mr. Weasley] takes his family, along with [Harry] and [Hermione], past a dazed [Mr. Roberts] and an overwhelemed [Basil], and back to [Stoatshead Hill] and the [Burrow].

GF: chapter 10, pp. 146-148      

Back at the [Burrow], [Mrs. Weasley] shows her family the stories in the [Daily Prophet] from the [Quidditch World Cup], including a seemingly made-up story by [Rita Skeeter].

GF: chapter 10, pp. 148-150      

[Harry] leads [Ron] and [Hermione] up to [Ron's bedroom], where he tells them of waking up over the summer with his [scar] hurting and his vision of [Voldemort]. They wonder whether these signs might mean Voldemort's returned, but finally Ron and Harry run out to play [Quidditch] to get things off their minds.

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