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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Packing For Hogwarts

GF: chapter 10, pp. 151-154      

The night before [Harry]'s return to [Hogwarts], [Percy] complains about the uproar at the [Ministry of Magic] over security at the [Quidditch World Cup]. After a bit of small talk about [Fred and George] doing "homework," [Mr. Weasley] arrives as well and mentions a soon-to-be article from [Rita Skeeter]. When [Hermione] changes the subject to [house-elves], though, [Mrs. Weasley] shoos them all out of the room.

GF: chapter 10, pp. 154-157      

[Ron] discovers, while packing for [Hogwarts], that his mother has bought him [dress robes] complete with frilly lace. He complains to [Mrs. Weasley], making her angry, and as she storms out wonders why he has to be poor.

11. Aboard the Hogwarts Express

Chapter 11 summary      

Chapter 11 - "Aboard the Hogwarts Express" - In which Mad-Eye Moody jinxes dustbins, Mr. Weasley hustles off to sort out the mess, Mrs. Weasley takes the children to King's Cross station via Muggle taxis, and HRH meet old friends and enemies on the train.

Much Ado About Mad-Eye

GF: chapter 11, pp. 158-161      

As the [Weasleys] prepare to depart for [Hogwarts], [Amos Diggory]'s head appears in the fireplace to alert [Arthur] to a disturbance at [Mad-Eye Moody]'s house. At this, Arthur quickly grabs his cloak and rushes off.

GF: chapter 11, pp. 161-162      

As [Arthur] departs, [Bill] and [Charlie] walk in talking about [Mad-Eye Moody], a retired [Auror]. They also let the family know that they'll be escorting them to [Kings Cross], though [Percy] stays home to work.

GF: chapter 11, pp. 162-165      

[Molly], [Bill], and [Charlie] manage to get the family to [Kings Cross] in [Muggle] taxis, and as the [Hogwarts Express] pulls away, they hint about wishing they could be at [Hogwarts] this year, though they won't share the reason.

The Journey to Hogwarts

GF: chapter 11, pp. 165-167      

[Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] settle into a train compartment, where they overhear [Draco Malfoy] talking about [Durmstrang Academy]. Hermione updates the others on the enchantments that hide wizarding schools, and Ron wishes that Malfoy had gone to Drumstrang instead of [Hogwarts].

GF: chapter 11, pp. 167-169      

As the [Hogwarts Express] pushes on, several friends stop by to visit [Harry]'s compartment: [Seamus Finnigan], still talking about the [Quidditch World Cup]; [Neville Longbottom], who wishes he had gone; and finally, [Draco Malfoy], slinging insults as always.

GF: chapter 11, pp. 169-170      

For the rest of the trip to [Hogwarts] [Ron] fumes over [Malfoy]'s snide remarks about his [dress robes] and his father, even as he, [Harry], and [Hermione] disembark from the [Hogwarts Express], wave hello to [Hagrid], and head up to the [castle].

12. The Triwizard Tournament

Chapter 12 summary      

Chapter 12 - "The Triwizard Tournament" - In which the students arrive at Hogwarts in a gale, are soaked by Peeves' water balloons, the First Years are sorted, and Hermione discovers that there are house elves at Hogwarts. Moody is the new DADA teacher, Dumbledore announces the Triwizard Tournament, and Fred and George decide to enter despite being underage.

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