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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Classes Begin

GF: chapter 13, p. 198      

At lunch [Hermione] shovels down her food and rushes to the [library], despite not yet having been assigned any homework, which [Harry] and [Ron] can't figure out.

GF: chapter 13, pp. 199-202      

[Harry] and [Ron] follow lunch by heading to the [North Tower] and [Divination] class. Not surprisingly, [Trelawney] punctuates the new school year by once again predicting dire things for Harry. She also assigns loads of homework, which Harry suspects might be because she overheard Ron joking about Uranus.

The Ferret

GF: chapter 13, pp. 202-207      

[Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] meet up after class and run into [Malfoy], brandishing a story about [Mr. Weasley]. When Harry retorts, though, Draco tries to jinx him - and is stopped when Moody himself appears and turns him into a ferret. Finally, [McGonagall] arrives and reverses the spell, but not before the scene is etched forever into the students' memories.

GF: chapter 13, pp. 207-208      

[Ron] spends dinner basking in the memory of [Malfoy] the ferret, and [Hermione] once again shovels her food down and bolts for the [library]. When [Fred], [George], and [Lee Jordan] arrive, they describe their first class with [Moody] to the fourth years, unable to believe how cool their lesson was.

14. The Unforgivable Curses

Chapter 14 summary      

Chapter 14 - "The Unforgivable Curses" - In which the fourth-year students learn about the Unforgivable Curses in their first lesson with Moody, Moody takes Neville to his office, Harry and Ron fake their Divination homework, Hermione starts SPEW, and Harry receives a letter from Sirius saying he's returning to Britain.

GF: chapter 14, pp. 209-210      

Over the next two days, [Snape] seems to be in a fouler mood than ever, [Hermione] continues spending all her free time in the [library], and the [Gryffindors] are anxious for their first lesson with [Moody].

Neville Is Upset by the Cruciatus Curse

GF: chapter 14, pp. 210-218      

[Moody]'s first class with the fourth years is a radical departure from their other lessons, as he demonstrates the [Unforgivable Curses] on spiders. [Harry], however, isn't particularly excited by the lesson, and neither is [Neville], who is clearly upset by the demonstration of the [Cruciatus Curse].

GF: chapter 14, pp. 218-220      

After [Defence Against the Dark Arts], [Hermione] rushes to comfort [Neville], who is obviously extremely bothered by the demonstration of the [Unforgivable Curses]. [Moody] guides him away, and as Hermione also rushes to the [library], [Harry] and [Ron] continue discussing the lesson.

GF: chapter 14, pp. 220-221      

[Harry] and [Ron] run up to their [dormitory] to fetch their [Divination] homework, but find [Neville], still obviously bothered but reading a book on [Herbology] that [Moody] loaned him.

GF: chapter 14, pp. 221-223      

After a feeble attempt at their [Divination] homework, [Harry] and [Ron] resort to making up everything for their star charts. As they continue, Harry notices [Fred and George] plotting over a sheet of parchment, and wonders what they're doing.

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