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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
GF: chapter 14, pp. 223-227      

[Hermione] returns to the [common room] from the [library], and excitedly tells [Harry] and [Ron] about her new organization, [S.P.E.W.] She ignores their hesitations but Harry and Ron are spared answering for the moment by [Hedwig], who brings a reply from [Sirius]. Harry's anxiety only increases, though, when he reads that Sirius is returning north.

GF: chapter 14, p. 227      

[Harry] walks up to his [dormitory] and lays in bed, thinking about how he believes he's put [Sirius] in danger by spurring him to return to [Britain]. Meanwhile, he doesn't realize it, but [Neville] is lying awake as well.

15. Beauxbatons and Durmstrang
Chapter 15 summary      

Chapter 15 - "Beauxbatons and Durmstrang" - In which Harry sends an owl to Sirius telling him everything is fine. In DADA, Moody puts the Imperius Curse on everyone and only Harry can resist it, school work piles up, Hogwarts spruces up for the visitors, Hermione continues her elf rights campaign, a message via Hedwig announces that Sirius is back in the country, and the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students arrive by flying carriage and submerged ship respectively.

GF: chapter 15, pp. 228-230      

[Harry] wakes up early to pen a letter to [Sirius], trying to convince him not to come back to [Britain]. [Hermione] is upset with him for lying about his [scar] not hurting, but soon drops it, and Harry's anxiety level stays high for a couple of weeks.

Harry Throws Off the Imperius Curse

GF: chapter 15, pp. 230-232      

[Moody] announces to his students' surprise that he'll be placing them under the [Imperius Curse], and the first time he does so, [Harry] is the only student in the class able to shake it off.

GF: chapter 15, pp. 232-233      

While walking out of [Defence Against the Dark Arts], [Harry] and [Ron] both marvel at [Moody]'s paranoia in placing them all under the [Imperius Curse].

GF: chapter 15, p. 233      

[McGonagall] explains to her fourth years that her homework load has increased given that they are nearing their [O.W.L.] year, though this explanation elicits some groans from the class.

GF: chapter 15, pp. 233-235      

Many of the fourth years' classes pile on homework, including [Trelawney] (who assigns another month of predictions), [Binns], [Snape], and [Flitwick]. Hagrid's homework of coming down to observe the [Blast-Ended Skrewts] gets a snide remark from [Malfoy], but Hagrid quickly puts it to rest by reminding Malfoy of being turned into a ferret.

Preparing Hogwarts for the Arrival of Guests

GF: chapter 15, pp. 235-236      

A sign in the [entrance hall] advertises the upcoming arrival of students from [Beauxbatons] and [Drumstrang]. This gets students talking about the tournament, including some commenting that [Cedric Diggory] is planning to enter.

GF: chapter 15, pp. 236-237      

As the arrival of students from [Drumstrang] and [Beauxbatons] approaches, [Hogwarts] is cleaned up and the staff, particularly [McGonagall], seems strangely tense.

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