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Outline of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

More Classes and Welcome Support

OP: chapter 13, pp. 258-261      

[Care of Magical Creatures] begins the year with a lesson on [bowtruckles]. [Malfoy] makes a snide remark about [Hagrid]'s whereabouts, infuriating [Harry].

OP: chapter 13, pp. 261-263      

Outside [Herbology], [Harry] runs into [Luna Lovegood] - who immediately professes her confidence that he is telling the truth, to much snickering from Harry's classmates. [Ernie Macmillan] soon follows, though, by doing the same, wiping the smiles off the faces of those around him as class gets set to begin.

OP: chapter 13, p. 263      

[Herbology] passes without incident, though [Professor Sprout] does take the opportunity to give the fifth years another lecture about the importance of [O.W.L.s].

A Week of Detentions

OP: chapter 13, pp. 263-264      

Back in the [Great Hall], [Harry] runs into an angry [Angelina Johnson], thanks to the fact that his [detention] will force him to miss [Quidditch] tryouts. He agrees to ask [Umbridge] to move his detention, though he's less-than-confident, and then finishes dinner and heads off to her office.

OP: chapter 13, pp. 264-268      

[Harry] arrives at [Umbridge's office] for his first [detention]. He briefly asks for his final detention to be moved with no success, then starts writing lines - with a [quill] that, he discovers, etches the words in the back of his hand as well.

OP: chapter 13, pp. 268-269      

[Harry] passes another bad day, not having had a chance to do any of his homework, and decides not to tell [Ron] or [Hermione] about [Umbridge]'s [detention quill].

OP: chapter 13, pp. 270-271      

As Wednesday and Thursday pass, [Harry] sits through more [detentions] with [Umbridge] and is forced to stay up late at night to finish his homework.

OP: chapter 13, pp. 271-273      

Outside [Gryffindor Tower], [Harry] runs into [Ron] and learns that he's been practicing to try out for the [Gryffindor Quidditch team]. He also admits to Ron the truth about [Umbridge]'s [detentions], and her [quill] that etches his lines into the back of his hand.

OP: chapter 13, pp. 273-275      

[Harry] finally reaches his final [detention] with [Umbridge], during which he watches as much as he can of the [Gryffindor Quidditch team] tryouts. Just before leaving, when Umbridge grabs his hand, he feels a surge of pain in his [scar], and runs back to [Gryffindor Tower].

OP: chapter 13, pp. 275-278      

[Harry] returns to the [common room] to learn that [Ron] has been made [Keeper], and receives and apology from [Angelina]. He then tells [Hermione] about his [scar] hurting around [Umbridge], and she suggests telling [Dumbledore] - a suggestion Harry quickly dismisses as the two of them head off to bed.

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