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Outline of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
OP: chapter 15, pp. 306-309      

Hermione's morning [Daily Prophet] brings news that [Dolores Umbridge] has been named the Hogwarts High Inquisitor, with the power to evaluate the school's teachers. The students then head off for class, wondering what this will mean for their classes.

OP: chapter 15, pp. 309-310      

After sitting through History of Magic without incident, Harry heads off to Potions, where he learns he got a D on his [moonstone] essay. He works hard to deliver a quality potion, and ends the lesson having done so fairly successfully.

OP: chapter 15, pp. 310-312      

On the way out of Potions Hermione hints at asking the scores Ron and Harry received on their essays for Snape, and then sits down at lunch talking with Fred and George about the [O.W.L.] scoring system, before they all head off to afternoon classes.

Inspections and More Detentions

OP: chapter 15, pp. 312-315      

In Divination is a surprise - [Professor Umbridge] inspecting Trelawney's lesson. Trelawney fails the inspection dramatically, which earns her empathy even from Harry and Ron.

OP: chapter 15, pp. 315-318      

[Umbridge]'s Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson is once again interrupted by Hermione, who announces that she's read the entire book, and once again leads to disaster for Harry when he states that Quirrell had been possessed by Voldemort, and lands himself in another week of detention.

OP: chapter 15, pp. 318-319      

At lunch Harry draws the ire of both [Angelina] and Professor McGonagall for landing himself in another week of detentions with [Umbridge], and he gets upset with Hermione for siding with McGonagall.

OP: chapter 15, pp. 319-322      

In Transfiguration [Umbridge] is once again parked in the corner to observe, only this time McGonagall refuses to let her interrupt class and Umbridge stays quiet, much to the delight of the students.

OP: chapter 15, pp. 322-324      

[Umbridge] also follows the fifth years to Care of Magical Creatures, where [Professor Grubbly-Plank] seems to pass her inspection just fine but Harry makes a snide remark about Malfoy and earns an extra night of detention.

OP: chapter 15, pp. 324-329      

Back in the common room after another detention, Harry finds Ron and Hermione waiting for him with a bowl of [essence of murtlap] to help his bleeding hand. Hermione also suggests that Harry begin teaching defence lessons to compensate for [Umbridge]'s poor excuse for classes. After initially getting upset, Harry agrees to think it over, and heads off to bed.

16. In the Hog's Head

Chapter 16 summary      

Chapter 16 - "In the Hog's Head" - In which Harry, Hermione, and Ron hold a meeting at the Hog's Head to discuss with other students the possibility of Harry giving them Defence lessons, and Hermione tells Ron and Harry that Ginny is dating Michael Corner.

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