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Outline of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

A Letter From Sirius

OP: chapter 17, pp. 359-360      

[Harry] opens [Sirius]'s letter, which says he'll be back in the [common room] fire this evening, and shares it with a worried [Ron] and [Hermione].

OP: chapter 17, pp. 360-362      

Outside [Potions] [Malfoy] rattles off some of his usual insults, but when he makes a crack about the long-term ward at [St. Mungo's], [Neville] tries to attack him. [Harry] and [Ron] hold him back, and [Snape] promptly takes [points] off all of them for fighting.

OP: chapter 17, pp. 362-364      

[Umbridge] is once again at the back of [Harry]'s class, this time inspecting [Snape] in [Potions]. Snape does alright with the inspection, but gives Harry, who has listened to the entire thing, zero marks once again.

Professor Trelawney is on Probation

OP: chapter 17, pp. 364-365      

[Harry] briefly considers skipping [Divination], but [Hermione] talks him out of it.

OP: chapter 17, pp. 365-366      

In [Divination], [Harry] and [Ron] find a furious [Professor Trelawney] and soon realize that she has been placed on probation by [Umbridge].

OP: chapter 17, pp. 366-367      

As [Defence Against the Dark Arts] begins, [Harry] tells [Hermione] about [Trelawney] being placed on probation.

OP: chapter 17, pp. 367-369      

[Angelina] tells [Harry] and [Ron] that [Umbridge] has not yet given permission for the [Gryffindor Quidditch team] to re-form; he instead sits down to do his homework for [Snape] while watching [Fred], [George], and [Lee Jordan] demonstrate [Puking Pastilles].

OP: chapter 17, pp. 369-373      

[Sirius] appears once again in the fire of the [common room], and talks with [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] about their secret defence group. Suddenly, though, he disappears, and [Umbridge]'s hand appears where his head once was - she having just missed capturing him through the [Floo Network].

18. Dumbledore's Army
Chapter 18 summary      

Chapter 18 - "Dumbledore's Army" - In which Harry again dreams of the windowless corridor with the door at the end, Dobby tells Harry about the Room of Requirement, and Dumbledore's Army meets for the first time.

OP: chapter 18, pp. 374-376      

[Hermione] spends [Charms] class telling [Harry] and [Ron] her theory that [Umbridge] has been reading all of Harry's correspondence, including his near-miss the previous night in which [Sirius] was nearly caught.

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