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Outline of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Ron's Quidditch Troubles

OP: chapter 26, pp. 573-575      

[Fred and George] find [Harry] and [Hermione] in the common room, and update them on the [Gryffindor] team's awful [Quidditch] practice, hinting that they might be thinking of skipping out of school.

OP: chapter 26, pp. 575-577      

A deplorable [Quidditch] match mercifully ends with [Ginny] catching the [Snitch] to salvage only a ten point loss. Back in the [common room], [Ron] tries to quit the team and even [Fred and George] don't have the heart to make fun of him, and Ginny tells [Harry] that once he's back on the team, she wants to switch to [Chaser].

OP: chapter 26, p. 577      

As [Harry] falls asleep, he dreams again of the door into the [Department of Mysteries], which for the first time in his [dreams] is standing ajar, though he's wakened by a sudden snore from [Ron].

The Quibbler Interview

OP: chapter 26, pp. 578-581      

At breakfast [Harry] unexpectedly finds letters flowing in to him, and [Hermione] quickly realizes that the [Quibbler] article has been published. He and his friends open up the mail - some fan mail, some accusing him of insanity - and when [Umbridge] arrives she is incensed, giving Harry [detention] and taking away his [Hogsmeade] priveliges.

OP: chapter 26, pp. 581-583      

A new [Educational Decree] bans copies of the [Quibbler] at [Hogwarts], thrilling [Hermione]. Sure enough, as the day goes on, everyone seems to have read the article, and even [Harry]'s teachers show their approval, slipping him sweets, awarding him [points], and in [Trelawney]'s case, finally predicting that he will live to a ripe old age.

OP: chapter 26, pp. 583-584      

As the day passes and excitement over [Harry]'s [Quibbler] interview continues, [Cho] makes up with him and apologizes, [Seamus] finally tells Harry that he believes him, and [Malfoy], [Crabbe], and [Goyle] sulk around the school. Meanwhile, according to [Luna], the magazine sells out, and the [Gryffindors] celebrate with a party in the [common room].

Harry Can't Close His Mind

OP: chapter 26, pp. 584-586      

While [Harry] sleeps again, he once again sees things through [Voldemort]'s eyes, and this time sees [Rookwood] talking about a weapon. Then, as Voldemort turns to look in a mirror, Harry wakes up, flailing around.

OP: chapter 26, pp. 586-587      

[Ron] wakes [Harry] up, worried that his dream means someone else has been attacked; instead Harry describes the scene he did see - [Rookwood] telling [Voldemort] about a weapon - and, refusing to tell anyone, rolls over to go back to sleep.

OP: chapter 26, pp. 587-589      

The next morning [Harry] and [Ron] tell [Hermione] about Harry's dream, and she realizes that [Bode], and [Sturgis Podmore], had been [Imperiused] to try to steal a weapon for [Voldemort] out of the [Department of Mysteries]. She then chastizes Harry for not putting enough effort into his [Occlumency], making him angry.

OP: chapter 26, p. 589      

The day progresses miserably for [Harry], with [Slytherins] taunting [Gryffindor] for their abysmal [Quidditch] play; and as the week passes, low grades in [Potions] and the fresh dream in his mind keep him distracted.

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