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Outline of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Ron's Quidditch Troubles

OP: chapter 26, pp. 573-575      

Fred and George find Harry and Hermione in the common room, and update them on the [Gryffindor] team's awful [Quidditch] practice, hinting that they might be thinking of skipping out of school.

OP: chapter 26, pp. 575-577      

A deplorable [Quidditch] match mercifully ends with Ginny catching the [Snitch] to salvage only a ten point loss. Back in the [common room], Ron tries to quit the team and even Fred and George don't have the heart to make fun of him, and Ginny tells Harry that once he's back on the team, she wants to switch to [Chaser].

OP: chapter 26, p. 577      

As Harry falls asleep, he dreams again of the door into the [Department of Mysteries], which for the first time in his [dreams] is standing ajar, though he's wakened by a sudden snore from Ron.

The Quibbler Interview

OP: chapter 26, pp. 578-581      

At breakfast Harry unexpectedly finds letters flowing in to him, and Hermione quickly realizes that the [Quibbler] article has been published. He and his friends open up the mail - some fan mail, some accusing him of insanity - and when [Umbridge] arrives she is incensed, giving Harry [detention] and taking away his [Hogsmeade] priveliges.

OP: chapter 26, pp. 581-583      

A new [Educational Decree] bans copies of the [Quibbler] at Hogwarts, thrilling Hermione. Sure enough, as the day goes on, everyone seems to have read the article, and even Harry's teachers show their approval, slipping him sweets, awarding him points, and in Trelawney's case, finally predicting that he will live to a ripe old age.

OP: chapter 26, pp. 583-584      

As the day passes and excitement over Harry's [Quibbler] interview continues, Cho makes up with him and apologizes, [Seamus] finally tells Harry that he believes him, and Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle sulk around the school. Meanwhile, according to Luna, the magazine sells out, and the [Gryffindors] celebrate with a party in the [common room].

Harry Can't Close His Mind

OP: chapter 26, pp. 584-586      

While Harry sleeps again, he once again sees things through Voldemort's eyes, and this time sees [Rookwood] talking about a weapon. Then, as Voldemort turns to look in a mirror, Harry wakes up, flailing around.

OP: chapter 26, pp. 586-587      

Ron wakes Harry up, worried that his dream means someone else has been attacked; instead Harry describes the scene he did see - [Rookwood] telling Voldemort about a weapon - and, refusing to tell anyone, rolls over to go back to sleep.

OP: chapter 26, pp. 587-589      

The next morning Harry and Ron tell Hermione about Harry's dream, and she realizes that [Bode], and [Sturgis Podmore], had been [Imperiused] to try to steal a weapon for Voldemort out of the [Department of Mysteries]. She then chastizes Harry for not putting enough effort into his [Occlumency], making him angry.

OP: chapter 26, p. 589      

The day progresses miserably for Harry, with [Slytherins] taunting [Gryffindor] for their abysmal [Quidditch] play; and as the week passes, low grades in [Potions] and the fresh dream in his mind keep him distracted.

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