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Outline of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
OP: chapter 26, pp. 590-594      

In [Harry]'s next [Occlumency] lesson, [Snape] sees Harry's memory of [Voldemort] and [Rookwood] - and gets angry with Harry for not closing his mind. As the lesson continues, Harry sees some of Snape's memories and then travels farther than ever before through the door in the [Department of Mysteries], but the lesson is interrupted by a scream and the two of them depart [Snape's office].

OP: chapter 26, pp. 594-598      

[Harry] and [Snape] rush to the [entrance hall], where they find an outraged [Professor Trelawney], having been sacked by [Umbridge]. Soon, though, [Dumbledore] arrives - ordering that Trelawney continue to live at [Hogwarts], and presenting Umbridge with a replacement [Divination] teacher - [Firenze].

27. The Centaur and the Sneak
Chapter 27 summary      

Chapter 27 - "The Centaur and the Sneak" - In which Harry and his classmates have their first Divination lesson with Firenze, Marietta Edgecombe tells Umbridge of the D.A.'s meeting but suffers the effects of Hermione's jinx, Dobby warns Harry that the D.A. has been found out, and Harry denies the meetings to Fudge and Umbridge. Kingsley Shacklebolt modifies Marietta's memory, and Dumbledore takes the blame and leaves Hogwarts.

Divination with Firenze

OP: chapter 27, pp. 599-600      

At breakfast [Hermione] refuses to admit any desire to be back in [Divination], and [Lavender] and [Pavarti] talk about [Trelawney]'s misery. The group also wonders whether [Umbridge] will be spurred to be even more horrible after [Dumbledore]'s hiring of another part-human.

OP: chapter 27, pp. 600-604      

[Firenze]'s first [Divination] class is completely different from any of [Trelawney]'s - far less certain, but fascinating nevertheless.

OP: chapter 27, pp. 604-605      

As [Divination] class ends, [Firenze] asks [Harry] and [Ron] to pass a message on to [Hagrid], that his "attempt is not working," though he does not tell them what the attempt is.

OP: chapter 27, p. 605      

After many attempts, [Harry] finally delivers [Firenze]'s message to [Hagrid], though Hagrid refuses to heed the warning.

OP: chapter 27, pp. 605-606      

As time passes, the fifth years get more and more nervous about their approaching [O.W.L.s], and the [D.A.] is the only thing that seems to keep [Harry] going.

The D.A. is Betrayed

OP: chapter 27, pp. 606-610      

A [D.A.] lesson on [Patronuses] is interrupted when [Dobby] arrives to warn them that [Umbridge] is coming, and the students scatter. [Harry], however, is caught by [Draco Malfoy], and Umbridge brings him up to [Dumbledore's office].

OP: chapter 27, pp. 610-623      

In [Dumbledore's office], [Cornelius Fudge] questions [Harry] and [Marietta] about the [D.A.], but the group is spared betrayal when [Kingsley Shacklebolt] casts a [memory charm] on Marietta, but Dumbledore takes the blame instead. When Fudge attempts to have him arrested, he instead knocks everyone out, warns Harry to continue working hard at [Occlumency], and escapes with [Fawkes] as [Phineas Nigellus] marvels at his style.

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