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Outline of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Sees More than he Should

OP: chapter 28, pp. 640-649      

In [Snape]'s [Pensieve], [Harry] watches a scene unfold involving [James], [Lily], and Snape, when they were fifth years themselves. In it, James and [Sirius] decide to hex Snape for fun, and Lily rushes to stop them, but ends up storming off, infuriated at both Snape and James for their cocky attitudes - and before he knows it [Harry] is being pulled from the scene by an irate present-day Snape.

OP: chapter 28, pp. 649-650      

Enraged, [Snape] pulls [Harry] from his [Pensieve], orders him not to tell anyone what he's seen, and banishes him from his office, refusing to conduct any more [Occlumency] lessons.

29. Career Advice

Chapter 29 summary      

Chapter 29 - "Career Advice" - In which Harry tells Ginny of his desire to talk to Sirius, receives career advice from Professor McGonagall, breaks into Umbridge's office to use her floo to talk to Sirius about his father, and Fred and George leave Hogwarts.

OP: chapter 29, pp. 651-653      

As Easter holidays begin, [Harry] lies to [Hermione], saying that he's done with [Occlumency] because [Snape] decided such; Hermione hands Harry and [Ron] study schedules for [O.W.L.s], and Harry admits that he and [Cho] have had another fight.

Harry Desires to Speak to Sirius

OP: chapter 29, pp. 653-654      

[Harry] loses himself in thought, thinking about how awful his father had been to [Snape] in Snape's memory, and about how [Lily] had seemed to absolutely loathe [James].

OP: chapter 29, pp. 654-656      

[Ginny] runs into [Harry] in the [library], and hands him a chocolate Easter egg sent by [Molly Weasley]. They also talk for a bit about Harry's desire to talk to [Sirius] - and Ginny starts thinking about how it might be possible - when [Madam Pince] boots them from the library for eating.

OP: chapter 29, pp. 656-659      

The fifth years find themselves having to think about choosing a career path - and for a bit, [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] discuss their choises in the [common room]. They are interrupted, though, by [Fred and George], who along with Harry, hatch a plan for him to talk to [Sirius], over Hermione's fierce protests.

OP: chapter 29, pp. 659-660      

[Harry] wakes up thinking about his plan to sneak into [Umbridge's office], and then looks out the window to see [Hagrid], re-injured, struggling back to his [hut], though he seems to be okay.

OP: chapter 29, pp. 660-661      

Over the course of the day, [Snape] pretends to ignore [Harry] but drops his [Potions] work on the floor for a zero, and [Hermione] constantly tries to dissuade him from breaking into [Umbridge]'s office.

OP: chapter 29, pp. 661-666      

Almost forgetting and consequently late, [Harry] rushes to his career appointment with [McGonagall] to find both McGonagall and [Umbridge] in [McGonagall's office]. A terribly comic scene ensues, with McGonagall eventually pledging to devote her career to Harry's dream of becoming an [Auror], and Umbridge insisting that it will never happen.

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