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Outline of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Desires to Speak to Sirius

OP: chapter 29, pp. 666-668      

[Hermione] spends [Defence Against the Dark Arts] trying one final time to dissuade [Harry] from breaking into [Umbridge's office], but as class ends and Umbridge goes running off toward the distraction, Harry makes up his mind and heads off to do it anyway.

OP: chapter 29, pp. 668-672      

With his nerves almost at a standstill, [Harry] breaks into [Umbridge's office] and uses the [Floo] to talk to [Sirius] and, as it turns out, [Lupin]. He asks about [James] and they discuss [Snape]'s memory for a bit, along with the fact that Snape is no longer teaching Harry [Occlumency], until finally Harry hears footsteps and has to go.

Fred and George Bid Farewell

OP: chapter 29, p. 673      

[Harry] hides under his [Invisibility Cloak] as [Filch] rushes in to get an "Approval for Whipping," presumably for [Fred and George]. Once he rushes back out, Harry slips out of the office as well, and heads toward the noise in the [entrance hall].

OP: chapter 29, pp. 673-675      

In the [entrance hall], [Harry] finds [Umbridge] confronting the [twins] for creating a swamp in a school corridor. Just as she and the [Inquisitorial Squad] rush in to capture them though, the twins [Summon] their [brooms], kick off into the air, give a quick plug to their joke shop and a quick good-bye to [Peeves], and zoom off triumphantly into the sunset.

30. Grawp

Chapter 30 summary      

Chapter 30 - "Grawp" - In which Harry recalls the dream again, the Gryffindors play Ravenclaw for the final match of the Quidditch season, and Hagrid introduces Harry and Hermione to his half-brother, Grawp, making them promise to look after Grawp if he has to leave. Gryffindor wins the match and the Quidditch Cup, and Ron is carried triumphantly off the pitch.

OP: chapter 30, pp. 676-678      

With [Fred and George] gone, their departure from [Hogwarts] quickly becomes legendary. [Umbridge] is unable to remove their [swamp] so it remains behind, and students quickly get out of control, using [Skiving Snackboxes] to skip classes and jinxing members of the [Inquisitorial Squad]. Meanwhile [Peeves] causes even more mayhem, aided and abetted by the staff.

OP: chapter 30, pp. 678-680      

In [Charms] class, [Hermione] wonders whether she should admit her knowledge about [Montague]'s disappearance and subsequent confusion, [Ron] worries about his mom's reaction to [Fred and George]'s leaving [Hogwarts], and [Harry] admits that he gave the twins the seed money to start their new [joke shop].

OP: chapter 30, pp. 680-683      

[Hermione] once again questions [Harry] on his [Occlumency] lessons, leaving him feeling guilty, but nevertheless wanting to continue his dreams and find out what's behind the door of the [Department of Mysteries].

The Quidditch Final and Grawp

OP: chapter 30, p. 683      

The final [Quidditch] match of the season approaches, with [Ron] seeming more confident than ever, and [Luna] sporting a dramatic eagle hat.

OP: chapter 30, pp. 683-685      

The [Gryffindor]-[Ravenclaw] [Quidditch] match begins, to determine the winner of the [Quidditch Cup]. Partway through, though, [Hagrid] interrupts [Harry] and [Hermione], asking them to follow him away from the game.

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