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Outline of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The Quidditch Final and Grawp

OP: chapter 30, pp. 685-697      

[Harry] and [Hermione] follow [Hagrid] into the [Forbidden Forest], where they finally learn what's been giving him injuries - his [giant] half-brother, [Grawp]. He then asks, in the event that he's sacked, that Harry and Hermione carry on teaching Grawp English and keeping him company, driving them to near hysterics.

OP: chapter 30, pp. 697-700      

On the way back from meeting [Grawp], [Hagrid] has a run-in with the [centaurs], who are furious with him but let him go only because he's with [Harry] and [Hermione]. Hagrid ignores them completely, though, and leads Harry and Hermione back toward the castle.

OP: chapter 30, pp. 700-702      

Walking back up to the castle, [Harry] and [Hermione] hear more choruses of "[Weasley is our King]," but their initial anger toward the [Slytherins] turns to surprise when they realize the lyrics are different - and it is instead the [Gryffindors] celebrating [Ron]'s leading them to a [Quidditch Cup].

31. O.W.L.s

Chapter 31 summary      

Chapter 31 - "O.W.L.s" - In which Harry and Hermione tell Ron about Grawp, the fifth years take their O.W.L.s, Hagrid is sacked, McGonagall is stunned, and Harry dreams that Sirius is being tortured.

OP: chapter 31, pp. 703-706      

After some coaxing [Harry] and [Hermione] finally convince [Ron] to join them outside - where they finally interrupt his celebrations over his [Quidditch] victory for long enough to tell them about [Hagrid] and [Grawp]. After some discussion, Hermione refuses to let Hagrid down, but Ron points out hopefully that the end of the term isn't far, and perhaps they can get through it after all.

Preparing for the O.W.L. Examination

OP: chapter 31, pp. 706-708      

After a year of warnings and preparation, [O.W.L.s] are finally approaching. [Harry]'s nerves rise as [Ernie Macmillan] brags about his study time, [Draco Malfoy] suggests that connections are what earns top scores (though [Neville] doubts his bragging), and fake brain stimulants start making the rounds among fifth years.

OP: chapter 31, pp. 708-709      

[Harry], [Hermione], and [Ron] sit the afternoon before [O.W.L.s], with Harry trying to test Hermione but not doing very well as she obnoxiously tries to check every answer.

OP: chapter 31, pp. 708-709      

In the final [Transfiguration] class of the year, [McGonagall] passes out [O.W.L.] exam schedules and announces that scores will be sent in July.

OP: chapter 31, pp. 710-711      

At dinner the [O.W.L.] examiners arrive, making everyone even more nervous as [Umbridge] begins to show them around and [Professor Marchbanks] asks about [Dumbledore].

OP: chapter 31, p. 711      

As [O.W.L.s] draw ever nearer, the fifth years get even more nervous, and finally, after a long breakfast, the first exam is ready to begin: [Charms].

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