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Outline of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

A Rather Rocky Reunion

OP: chapter 4, pp. 59-62      

After thinking about the piece of paper he's read, Harry watches [number twelve, Grimmauld Place] materialize in front of him. The group walks in the door, Harry says a quick hello to Molly Weasley, and she pushes him upstairs where Ron and Hermione are waiting.

OP: chapter 4, pp. 62-68      

Harry finally finds Ron and Hermione, and as they tell him about their orders not to give him information, his frustration swells until he blows up at them. He does manage to learn a little bit about the Order of the Phoenix, though.

OP: chapter 4, pp. 68-75      

Fred, George, and Ginny unexpectedly arrive, talking about the meeting of the Order of the Phoenix that's happening downstairs. They also tell Harry about Percy's fallout with the [Weasley family], and how [Dumbledore] and Harry have been cast as untrustworthy figures by the [Ministry of Magic] and the [Daily Prophet].

OP: chapter 4, pp. 75-76      

Mrs. Weasley lets the group know that dinner is forthcoming, and once Ginny follows her out, Harry speaks with Ron and Hermione for a moment more about his frustration, and Harry learns about Kreacher, the house-elf.

OP: chapter 4, pp. 76-78      

In the hallway outside the bedroom, Harry, Ron, and Hermione stop short to try to listen in to what the adults on the stairs below are saying. Soon, however, they move away, and Tonks knocks over an umbrella stand, awakening a screaming portrait that turns out to be Sirius's mother.

5. The Order of the Phoenix
Chapter 5 summary      

Chapter 5 - "The Order of the Phoenix" - In which Harry learns of Sirius Black's family background, and Molly and Sirius have a row regarding what is best for Harry.

OP: chapter 5, pp. 79-80      

En route to dinner Harry learns from Sirius that [number twelve, Grimmauld Place] is the [Black family] house, which he now owns.

Dinner at Headquarters

OP: chapter 5, pp. 80-84      

In the dining room, Harry finds a number of people, including the Weasleys, and chats with Sirius about their respective summers as Molly finishes dinner. They are interrupted when Fred and George, attempting to save time, launch a [cauldron] and a knife at Sirius, but Molly's reprimands are cut short and dinner begins.

OP: chapter 5, pp. 84-87      

As dinner progresses, Tonks changes the shape of her nose for entertainment, Lupin and Arthur Weasley discuss the goblins, and Molly manages to shoot a few choice words at Mundungus Fletcher. Finally, after a generous dessert, the group prepares to go to bed.

The Mission of the Order of the Phoenix

OP: chapter 5, pp. 87-91      

Just before everyone heads to bed, Sirius stops them all short to offer Harry information about Voldemort. Molly is all but outraged and protests, insulting Sirius in the process, but after calm discussion from Arthur and Lupin, she succeeds only in sending Ginny off to bed.

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