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Outline of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Testing Begins

OP: chapter 31, pp. 711-712      

The [Charms] [O.W.L.] begins, with [McGonagall] proctoring.

OP: chapter 31, p. 712      

After the [Charms] written exam, [Hermione] attempts once again to discuss the test with [Harry] and [Ron], and they once again refuse.

OP: chapter 31, pp. 712-713      

The [Charms] practical exam passes fairly well for [Harry], who is examined by [Professor Tofty] - especially considering the mistakes he notices [Malfoy] making on the other side of the room.

OP: chapter 31, pp. 714-715      

The first week of [O.W.L.s] continues and passes, with [Harry] confident he's done fairly well in [Transfiguration] and [Herbology], and supremely confident in his [Defence Agaist the Dark Arts] exam. Finally, on Friday, [Ron] and Harry relax while [Hermione] takes [Ancient Runes], and they all agree it's time for a break.

OP: chapter 31, pp. 715-716      

[Hermione] returns from her [Ancient Runes] [O.W.L.] upset because she got a question wrong, and because another [niffler] has been snuck into [Umbridge's office].

OP: chapter 31, pp. 716-718      

[O.W.L.s] continue for a second week, with [Harry] feeling fairly good about his performance in [Potions], in [Care of Magical Creatures], and in his [Astronomy] written exam, but miserably poor in [Divination] - which, as [Ron] points out, was to be expected.

Hagrid is Attacked

OP: chapter 31, pp. 718-722      

The fifth years climb the [Astronomy Tower] for their nighttime [Astronomy] practical [O.W.L.] However, as the exam progresses, [Harry] notices [Umbridge] sneaking up on [Hagrid] with a team of [Aurors], attacking him and driving him away as he fights back - and when [McGonagall] storms out to intervene, [Stunning] her as well.

OP: chapter 31, pp. 722-724      

Returning from the [Astronomy Tower], the fifth years all discuss the attack on [Hagrid] and [McGonagall]. Finally, at four o'clock in the morning, [Harry] goes to bed, and soon wakes up feeling unrested.

OP: chapter 31, pp. 724-728      

After what seems like ages, the final exam - [History of Magic] - begins. [Harry] struggles to concentrate, and then even to stay awake, and when he finally does fall asleep he sees a vision of [Sirius], trapped in the [Department of Mysteries], being tortured by [Death Eaters]. He wakes up screaming and falls on the floor of the [Great Hall], his [scar] in agony.

32. Out of the Fire
Chapter 32 summary      

Chapter 32 - "Out of the Fire" - In which Ron, Hermione, Neville, and Luna help Harry break into Umbridge's office, Kreacher leads Harry to believe that Sirius is at the Department of Mysteries, and Hermione tricks Umbridge into taking her and Harry into the Forbidden Forest.

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