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Outline of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The Aftermath of the Vision

OP: chapter 32, pp. 729-731      

Desperate to tell someone about his vision, [Harry] rushes to the [hospital wing] looking for [Professor McGonagall], only to find she's at [St. Mungo's] instead. Harry, near panic because all members of the [Order of the Phoenix] are gone, rushes to find [Ron] and [Hermione] instead.

OP: chapter 32, pp. 731-737      

[Harry] finds [Ron] and [Hermione], tells them of his vision of [Sirius] in the [Department of Mysteries], and grows impatient when they seem skeptical and unwilling to rush to [London] on the spur of the moment. Finally Hermione convinces him to check [number twelve, Grimmauld Place] for Sirius while she, Ron, [Ginny], and [Luna] provide a distraction.

OP: chapter 32, pp. 738-739      

[Harry] runs to grab his [invisibility cloak] as the others plot to provide a distraction for [Umbridge], and when he returns they spring to action, clearing a corridor and running to head Umbridge off while Harry breaks into her office.

In Umbdridge's Office

OP: chapter 32, pp. 739-741      

[Harry] successfully breaks into [Umbridge's office] and manages to find [Kreacher] at [number twelve, Grimmauld Place], with no sign of [Sirius] - but not for long before being pulled back by his hair.

OP: chapter 32, pp. 741-750      

[Umbridge] drags [Harry] back into her office, where he soon finds that his friends have been captured by the [Inquisitorial Squad] as well. She sends for [Snape] to ask for [Veritaserum], which he refuses to do, though Harry manages to cryptically deliver his message to him. Finally, with Umbridge ready to torture Harry, [Hermione] pretends to give in and promises to lead Umbridge to [Dumbledore]'s secret weapon.

33. Fight and Flight

Chapter 33 summary      

Chapter 33 - "Fight and Flight" - In which Hermione and Harry lead Umbridge into the Forbidden Forest, Umbridge insults the centaurs and they take her away, Grawp rescues Harry and Hermione from the centaurs, and Ron rejoins them with Neville, Ginny, and Luna, who insist on helping them in their fight. Luna suggests using the thestrals to get them to London.

OP: chapter 33, pp. 751-759      

[Hermione] leads a nervous [Harry] and an anxious [Umbridge] into the [Forbidden Forest], where they finally meet her target - the [centaurs]. Her plan doesn't work out quite as she hoped, though, as the centaurs try to charge her and Harry as well. They are spared, though, when [Grawp] arrives and drives the centaurs off with Umbridge in tow.

OP: chapter 33, pp. 759-763      

With [Umbridge] and [Grawp] gone, [Harry] and [Hermione] wonder what to do next - until [Ron], [Luna], [Ginny], and [Neville] show up with their [wands]. Despite Harry's protests, once six [thestrals] arrive, attracted by Grawp's blood, Harry can no longer argue and all six take off on the horses for [London].

34. The Department of Mysteries
Chapter 34 summary      

Chapter 34 - "The Department of Mysteries" - In which Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny, and Luna fly to London on thestrals, they are allowed access to the Ministry of Magic through the telephone booth, and they enter the Department of Mysteries - specifically the room containing small glass spheres, one of which is marked with Harry's name, and is later discovered to be a prophecy.

OP: chapter 34, pp. 764-770      

The group hops on the backs of the [thestrals] and rides to the [Ministry of Magic Headquarters] in search of [Sirius]. [Harry] leads his friends inside and to the [Department of Mysteries], through the phone box, the [atrium], the elevators, and the hallway past [Courtroom Ten], and inside.

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