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Outline of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
OP: chapter 6, pp. 119-120      

The night before his hearing at the [Ministry], [Harry] learns how he will be going thanks to [Mrs. Weasley], and also finds out that [Dumbledore] has stopped by without saying hello to prevent [Sirius] from attending as well.

7. The Ministry of Magic
Chapter 7 summary      

Chapter 7 - "The Ministry of Magic" - In which Arthur Weasley takes Harry to the Ministry of Magic for his scheduled hearing and Harry gets a look at the Ministry building and the setup of its offices.

OP: chapter 7, pp. 121-124      

[Harry] awakens and walks downstairs, thinking about his impending hearing. Eating breakfast, he chats with several people about the hearing, before heading out with [Mr. Weasley].

Inside the Ministry of Magic

OP: chapter 7, pp. 124-127      

[Harry] and [Arthur Weasley] make their way to the [Ministry of Magic], via the [underground] and then a telephone box, with Mr. Weasley marvelling at the Muggle mechanisms all the way and Harry amazed at the telephone box entrance.

OP: chapter 7, pp. 127-131      

Walking through the [Ministry of Magic] for the first time, [Harry] is amazed by the entrance hall and the [Fountain of Magical Brethren]. He and [Mr. Weasley] then check in at the desk and take the elevator to level two and the [Auror Headquarters].

OP: chapter 7, pp. 131-132      

In [Auror Headquarters], [Harry] and [Mr. Weasley] chat with [Kingsley Shacklebolt], pretending not to know him more personally, and with Harry all the while staring in awe at the evidence of Kingsley's search for [Sirius Black].

OP: chapter 7, pp. 132-134      

[Mr. Weasley] leads [Harry] into his office, where they chat for a bit about Mr. Weasley's job, until [Perkins] rushes in to tell them that the time of Harry's hearing has been moved, and he's already five minutes late, prompting Harry and Mr. Weasley to take off for [Courtroom Ten].

OP: chapter 7, pp. 134-136      

Running as fast as they can, [Harry] and [Mr. Weasley] finally make it down the elevator to [Courtroom Ten], where Mr. Weasley abruptly pushes Harry in the door.

8. The Hearing

Chapter 8 summary      

Chapter 8 - "The Hearing" - In which Harry attends his hearing, Fudge continues to disbelieve him about Voldemort's return, and Dumbledore arrives to assist Harry. Mrs. Figg testifies and Harry is cleared of all charges.

OP: chapter 8, pp. 137-151      

Walking into his hearing, [Harry] recognizes [Courtroom Ten] at once, and realizes he's being tried by the entire [Wizengamot] and a very rude [Cornelius Fudge]. [Dumbledore] shows up in Harry's defence, however, with [Mrs. Figg], and despite a rather curt hearing, Harry is cleared of all charges.

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