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Outline of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
9. The Woes of Mrs. Weasley
Chapter 9 summary      

Chapter 9 - "The Woes of Mrs. Weasley" - In which Ron and Hermione become prefects, Harry is jealous, and Mrs. Weasley's boggart is revealed.

OP: chapter 9, pp. 152-156      

[Harry] rushes out of the courtroom and into [Mr. Weasley], delivering the good news that he has been cleared of his charges. On their way back to the elevators, they then run into [Lucius Malfoy] and [Cornelius Fudge], who are of course rude to both harry and Arthur. Finally they depart - with Harry stopping to dump his money bag in the [Fountain of Magical Brethren] on the way.

OP: chapter 9, pp. 156-158      

Back at [number twelve, Grimmauld Place], [Harry] celebrates his acquittal with the [Weasleys], while wondering why [Dumbledore] had come in and out of his hearing without so much as glancing at him.

OP: chapter 9, pp. 158-160      

While cleaning mold from a cupboard, [Harry], [Hermione], and [Ron] talk about [Sirius] and Harry thinks about how glad he is to be returning to [Hogwarts].

The New Gryffindor Prefects

OP: chapter 9, pp. 160-165      

Booklists arrive, and [Harry], [Fred], and [George] are stunned to learn that [Ron] has been made a [prefect]. Soon [Hermione] walks in and, seeing Harry holding the badge, thinks it's him - but [Mrs. Weasley] distracts everyone with her joy at the news. When she offers to get Ron a congratulatory gift, he asks for a [broom], and soon everyone rushes off, leaving Harry and Hermione alone.

OP: chapter 9, pp. 165-168      

Surprised and upset at not being chosen [prefect], [Harry] struggles to talk with [Hermione], and when she walks out thinks to himself about his jealousy. Finally, he decides he's not going to be bitter, and when [Ron] returns sincerely congratulates him instead.

OP: chapter 9, p. 168      

The day passes with the kids gathering together their belongings and preparing to return to [Hogwarts] - and with [Ron] admiring his new [prefect] badge.

A Party for the Prefects

OP: chapter 9, pp. 168-169      

[Mrs. Weasley] returns from [Diagon Alley] with a new [broom] for [Ron] and starts preparing to throw a celebratory party, as various members of the [Order of the Phoenix] arrive.

OP: chapter 9, pp. 169-173      

Over dinner, everyone celebrates [Ron] and [Hermione]'s having been made [prefects] and talks about their own experiences with [prefects]. Meanwhile [Ron] chatters about his new [broom], [Molly] frets over [Bill]'s hair, [Fred and George] buy some goods from [Mundungus], and [Molly] heads upstairs to tackle the [boggart].

OP: chapter 9, pp. 173-175      

Amidst the party, [Mad-Eye Moody] shows [Harry] a photograph of the original [Order of the Phoenix], many of whom were killed or tortured. Harry, upset, just manages to duck out and run upstairs.

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