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Outline of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
OP: chapter 12, p. 221      

After waking up in the morning, [Seamus] bolts from the [dormitory], once again making [Harry] wonder how much suspicion he's going to have to put up with.

OP: chapter 12, pp. 221-222      

Down in the [common room], [Harry] and [Ron] run into [Hermione] - not to mention a new sign asking for testers for [Fred and George]. Hermione takes down the sign, and the trio heads down to breakfast.

OP: chapter 12, pp. 222-223      

Heading to breakfast, [Hermione] and [Harry] discuss Harry's newfound unpopularity, and [Dumbledore]'s call for schol unity.

New Course Schedules

OP: chapter 12, pp. 224-225      

At breakfast, [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] wonder where [Hagrid] is, learn of [Quidditch] tryouts from [Angelina], get a [Daily Prophet] delivered, and receive their course schedules, complete with an awful Monday.

OP: chapter 12, pp. 225-227      

[Fred and George] arrive after overhearing [Ron] griping about his course schedule. [Hermione] tries to tell them they can't use first years as testers for their new products, but they quickly change the subject to the intensity of the fifth year, with its [O.W.L.s], and then their plans for a new joke shop.

OP: chapter 12, pp. 227-228      

As [Fred and George] depart, [Hermione] wonders whether they have the money for a joke shop, and [Harry] quickly changes the subject. They chat with [Ron] for a bit about [O.W.L.s] and about becoming [Aurors], as they head off for class.

An Awful Monday

OP: chapter 12, pp. 228-229      

After sitting through another boring [History of Magic] class, [Hermione] threatens not to give [Ron] and [Harry] her notes this year, and the trio walks off towards [Potions].

OP: chapter 12, p. 230      

[Cho Chang] stops [Harry] to talk with him, but [Ron] messes everything up by accusing Cho of being a fair-weather fan of the [Tutshill Tornados], and she hastily walks away.

OP: chapter 12, pp. 230-231      

With [Cho] gone, [Ron] and [Hermione] bicker about Ron's attacking her, while [Harry] thinks silently about his excitement that she had come over to find him.

OP: chapter 12, pp. 231-235      

[Potions] class begins, with the fifth years attempting to brew the [Draught of Peace]. [Harry], however, misses a line of insructions, and [Snape] cruelly [vanishes] his potion and gives him a zero for the day.

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