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Outline of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
OP: chapter 12, p. 221      

After waking up in the morning, Seamus bolts from the [dormitory], once again making Harry wonder how much suspicion he's going to have to put up with.

OP: chapter 12, pp. 221-222      

Down in the common room, Harry and Ron run into Hermione - not to mention a new sign asking for testers for Fred and George. Hermione takes down the sign, and the trio heads down to breakfast.

OP: chapter 12, pp. 222-223      

Heading to breakfast, Hermione and Harry discuss Harry's newfound unpopularity, and [Dumbledore]'s call for schol unity.

New Course Schedules

OP: chapter 12, pp. 224-225      

At breakfast, Harry, Ron, and Hermione wonder where Hagrid is, learn of [Quidditch] tryouts from [Angelina], get a [Daily Prophet] delivered, and receive their course schedules, complete with an awful Monday.

OP: chapter 12, pp. 225-227      

Fred and George arrive after overhearing Ron griping about his course schedule. Hermione tries to tell them they can't use first years as testers for their new products, but they quickly change the subject to the intensity of the fifth year, with its [O.W.L.s], and then their plans for a new joke shop.

OP: chapter 12, pp. 227-228      

As Fred and George depart, Hermione wonders whether they have the money for a joke shop, and Harry quickly changes the subject. They chat with Ron for a bit about [O.W.L.s] and about becoming [Aurors], as they head off for class.

An Awful Monday

OP: chapter 12, pp. 228-229      

After sitting through another boring History of Magic class, Hermione threatens not to give Ron and Harry her notes this year, and the trio walks off towards Potions.

OP: chapter 12, p. 230      

Cho Chang stops Harry to talk with him, but Ron messes everything up by accusing Cho of being a fair-weather fan of the [Tutshill Tornados], and she hastily walks away.

OP: chapter 12, pp. 230-231      

With Cho gone, Ron and Hermione bicker about Ron's attacking her, while Harry thinks silently about his excitement that she had come over to find him.

OP: chapter 12, pp. 231-235      

Potions class begins, with the fifth years attempting to brew the [Draught of Peace]. Harry, however, misses a line of insructions, and Snape cruelly [vanishes] his potion and gives him a zero for the day.

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