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Outline of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
1. The Other Minister
Chapter 1 summary      

Chapter 1 - "The Other Minister" - In which the Muggle Prime Minister recounts his encounters with Cornelius Fudge, Fudge visits him again with Scrimgeour, and we learn that Scrimgeour is the new Minister for Magic. We also hear of the wizarding world's open war with Voldemort - dozens of Muggles have been killed along with Amelia Bones and Emmeline Vance, the Dementors and giants have joined Voldemort, and the Ministry is struggling to fight.

Disturbing Meetings in the Prime Minister's Office

HBP: chapter 1, pp. 1-3      

The Muggle [Prime Minister], alone in his office, ponders a tragic week and is informed of Fudge's impending arrival.

HBP: chapter 1, pp. 4-5      

Cornelius Fudge arrives in the Muggle [Prime Minister]'s office, and promptly makes him feel ignorant for not realizing the events were all related to wizards.

HBP: chapter 1, pp. 5-10      

The Muggle [Prime Minister] recalls his previous encounters with Cornelius Fudge.

HBP: chapter 1, pp. 10-15      

Fudge explains the truth behind the recent disasters - and Voldemort's return - to the Muggle [Prime Minister].

HBP: chapter 1, pp. 16-18      

Rufus Scrimgeour arrives in the Muggle [Prime Minister]'s office, and discusses his security.

2. Spinner's End

Chapter 2 summary      

CHapter 2 - "Spinner's End" - In which Narcissa calls on Snape in secret against Voldemort's orders, while Bellatrix tries to stop her but joins her at Snape's house anyway. Snape prevents Wormtail's eavesdropping and tells Bellatrix his story, though she still refuses to trust him; Narcissa then reveals that Voldemort has ordered Draco to do something difficult, and asks Snape to make an Unbreakable Vow - which he then does, saying that he will help Draco carry out the deed, and perform the deed himself if Draco fails.

Snape's Unexpected Guests

HBP: chapter 2, pp. 19-22      

Narcissa Malfoy arrives in Spinner's End to talk with Snape. Her sister Bellatrix is in close pursuit, trying unsuccessfully to talk Narcissa out of her quest as they make their way to [Snape's house].

HBP: chapter 2, pp. 22-25      

Snape welcomes Bellatrix and Narcissa into his house, and orders Wormtail to get them some drinks.

HBP: chapter 2, pp. 25-31      

Bellatrix accuses Snape of being loyal to [Dumbledore] - he responds by explaining his position and his actions since Voldemort's downfall.

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