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Outline of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry's First Lesson With Dumbledore

HBP: chapter 10, pp. 196-199      

[Dumbledore] begins his first private lesson with Harry vaguely explaining the purpose of the lessons, explaining that they will be using the Pensieve to learn more about Voldemort's past.

HBP: chapter 10, pp. 199-211      

With Harry and [Dumbledore] watching in the Pensieve, [Bob Ogden] visits the Gaunt house regarding a breach of law and is met with resistance from Marvolo and Morfin Gaunt. He also watches them mistreat Marvolo's only daughter, Merope, after they catch her watching the Muggle Tom Riddle drive by.

HBP: chapter 10, pp. 211-214      

[Dumbledore] and Harry discuss the scene they just witnessed, including Voldemort's relation to the Gaunts and the relationship that Merope went on to have with Tom Riddle.

HBP: chapter 10, pp. 215-216      

[Dumbledore] dismisses Harry from his office, after chatting a bit about the [prophecy], the [ring] Dumbledore had been wearing, and Harry's friends.

11. Hermione's Helping Hand

Chapter 11 summary      

Chapter 11 - "Hermione's Helping Hand" - In which Harry discovers his newfound popularity, learns that Stan Shunpike has been arrested, and holds a frustratingly massive Quidditch tryout that includes a run-in with Cormac McLaggen and Katie, Ginny, and Ron making the team. They visit Hagrid and learn that Aragog is dying, Harry confronts Hermione about having confunded McLaggen during the tryout, and Slughorn invites Harry and Hermione to supper, but Harry is spared having to go when Snape refuses to let him out of detention.

HBP: chapter 11, pp. 217-218      

As the first weeks of the school year pass, the sixth-years are flooded with homework and expected to use [nonverbal spells] in several of their classes, and Hagrid stops showing up at meals.

Quidditch Trials

HBP: chapter 11, pp. 218-222      

The morning of [Quidditch] tryouts, Harry, Ron, and Hermione eat breakfast together. There they decide to visit Hagrid, Hermione explains Harry's popularity surge, Harry receives his new copy of [Advanced Potion-Making] and swaps its cover with the Half-Blood Prince's book, and they learn [Stan Shunpike] has been arrested.

HBP: chapter 11, pp. 222-223      

While Harry, Hermione, and Ron walk to the [Quidditch Pitch], [Pavarti] and Lavender talk and giggle together about Ron, making Harry curious and Hermione upset.

HBP: chapter 11, pp. 223-226      

Harry holds the Gryffindor Quidditch tryouts, which despite run-ins with inexperienced first-years, non-Gryffindors, and [Cormac McLaggen], results in what Harry thinks is a quality team.

HBP: chapter 11, pp. 226-227      

Ron relives the [Quidditch] tryouts, and Harry realizes that Hermione [Confunded] [McLaggen] during the tryouts, as the trio walks down to visit Hagrid.

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