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Outline of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry's Second Lesson With Dumbledore

HBP: chapter 13, pp. 258-261      

[Harry] arrives for his second private lesson with [Dumbledore], where they begin by briefly discussing [Katie Bell], [Mundungus Fletcher], and [Draco Malfoy] before diving into the [Pensieve].

HBP: chapter 13, p. 261      

Popping up out of [Dumbledore]'s [Pensieve], [Caractacus Burke] describes the day [Merope Gaunt] came in to [Borgin and Burkes] and sold him [Slytherin's locket] for ten [Galleons].

HBP: chapter 13, pp. 261-263      

[Harry] and [Dumbledore] discuss the last days of [Merope Gaunt]'s life, and contrast her actions with those of [Harry]'s own mother, [Lily].

HBP: chapter 13, pp. 263-269      

As [Harry] and [Dumbledore] watch in the [Pensieve], a much younger [Albus Dumbledore] visits [Tom Riddle]'s [orphanage], meets [Mrs. Cole], and makes arrangements with her for [Tom Riddle] to begin attending [Hogwarts], though she descriptions of [Riddle] are somewhat disturbing.

HBP: chapter 13, pp. 269-275      

In the [Pensieve], a younger [Dumbledore] has his first meeting with young [Tom Riddle] in his [orphanage], where he tells Riddle about [Hogwarts], hears [Riddle]'s descriptions of his use of magic, and forces him to return the possessions he's stolen.

HBP: chapter 13, pp. 275-278      

After viewing the scene at [Tom Riddle]'s [orphanage], [Dumbledore] and [Harry] discuss what they saw, emphasizing attributes of [Riddle]'s personality that will become important later.

14. Felix Felicis

Chapter 14 summary      

Chapter 14 - "Felix Felicis" - In which Hermione and Ron discuss the Slug Club in Herbology and Harry notices an attraction between them, Dean takes Katie's place on the Quidditch team, and Harry and Ron run into Ginny and Dean kissing. Ron gets upset and Ginny tells him off, but Harry starts thinking of kissing Ginny himself. Ron becomes angry and plays terribly next practice, but for the match Harry pretends to slip him Felix Felicis, giving him confidence, and Gryffindor wins. After the game, Ron is spotted kissing Lavender, leaving Hermione upset.

HBP: chapter 14, pp. 279-284      

In [Herbology] class, [Harry] tells [Ron] and [Hermione] about his second lesson with [Dumbledore], and [Hermione] describes the previous night's [Slug Club] party. When [Ron] gets upset, she admits she was planning to invite him to [Slughorn]'s Christmas party, and [Harry] notices a change in his friends' behavior.

HBP: chapter 14, pp. 284-285      

With no sign of [Katie Bell] returning from [St. Mungo's], [Harry] invites [Dean] to join the [Gryffindor Quidditch team] in her place.

HBP: chapter 14, pp. 285-286      

At [Quidditch] practice, [Ron] panics and makes a fool of himself and [Ginny], along with the rest of the team, gets upset with him for his play.

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