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Outline of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Malfoy, McLaggen, and Lavender All Annoy Harry

HBP: chapter 19, pp. 409-411      

Lavender corners Harry to ask him about Ron, and Harry discovers that Ron has been faking sleep every time Lavender has visited him in the hospital wing.

HBP: chapter 19, p. 411      

Harry drops by to visit Ron in the hospital wing, where they discuss Harry's annoyance with [McLaggen] and the status of Ron's desire to end his relationship with Lavender.

HBP: chapter 19, pp. 411-412      

On his way to the [Quidditch] match, Harry runs into Malfoy with Crabbe and Goyle, [Polyjuiced] as two little girls, walking off into the castle.

Luna Comments on Quidditch

HBP: chapter 19, pp. 412-413      

Harry arrives at the [locker room] just in time for the game, and Ginny questions him on where he's been.

HBP: chapter 19, pp. 413-415      

Gryffindor faces Hufflepuff in [Quidditch]. Luna Lovegood commentates, the Gryffindors hammer [Zacharias Smith], and [Cormac McLaggen] makes a fool of himself and knocks Harry out with a Bludger, leading to a Gryffindor loss.

HBP: chapter 19, pp. 415-418      

Harry wakes up in the hospital wing with a cracked skull, and discusses the [Quidditch] match and Malfoy with Ron, until Ron falls asleep and Madam Pomfrey goes off to bed.

HBP: chapter 19, pp. 419-422      

Lying in the hospital wing during the night, Harry calls Kreacher, who he soon discovers is in the middle of a fight with Dobby that Peeves is watching gleefully. Once he stops the fight, Harry sets the two house-elves off to tail Draco Malfoy and report back.

20. Lord Voldemort's Request

Chapter 20 summary      

Chapter 20 - "Lord Voldemort's Request" - In which Ginny fights with Dean and Ron with Lavender, Luna delivers a message to Harry of a lesson with Dumbledore, and Harry arrives at the lesson to find Trelawney being asked to leave. Dumbledore makes Harry feel guilty for not procuring Slughorn's memory, but they view two new memories: in the first, Riddle visits Hepzibah Smith and sees Slytherin's locket days before her death; in the second, Riddle asks Dumbledore for the D.A.D.A. post at Hogwarts, which Dumbledore admits began the curse on the position.

Lovers' Quarrels

HBP: chapter 20, pp. 423-425      

After he and Ron are released from the hospital wing, Harry walks to breakfast with Ron and Hermione, learns that Ginny and [Dean] have had a fight, unknowingly passes a [Polyjuiced] Crabbe or Goyle in the hallway, and gets a note from Luna announcing his next lesson with [Dumbledore].

HBP: chapter 20, pp. 425-426      

Lavender and Ron have a fight, putting Hermione in a good enough mood to let Harry copy her homework.

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