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Outline of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

One More Try for a Memory

HBP: chapter 22, pp. 475-477      

At dinner, Harry learns that Hermione has passed her [Apparition] test but Ron has not, and they collectively decide that Harry needs to take his [Felix Felicis] tonight to get Slughorn's memory.

Harry Uses Felix Felicis to Great Effect

HBP: chapter 22, pp. 477-478      

Harry takes a swig of [Felix Felicis] and with full confidence decides to head down to Hagrid's [hut], alarming Ron and Hermione. As he leaves Gryffindor Tower, he hears Lavender accosting Ron and Ginny chewing out [Dean Thomas], putting him in an even better mood.

HBP: chapter 22, pp. 478-481      

After sneaking out the front door, Harry runs into Professor Sprout and Professor Slughorn in the [vegetable patch], and invites Slughorn to go with him to Hagrid's hut to help bury Aragog.

HBP: chapter 22, pp. 481-485      

Harry and Hagrid prepare to bury Aragog, and are soon joined by Professor Slughorn. Slughorn sneaks some of Aragog's venom and delivers a brief eulogy, and the three head back into the [hut].

HBP: chapter 22, pp. 485-491      

Drinking wine together in Hagrid's hut, Harry, Hagrid, and Slughorn sing songs and talk about Harry's parents - and Harry convinces Slughorn to give up his memory of Riddle and Horcruxes.

23. Horcruxes

Chapter 23 summary      

Chapter 23 - "Horcruxes" - In which Harry learns that Dumbledore has returned, races off to his office, and with him watches Slughorn's memory, where Riddle learns what Horcruxes are and contemplates making more than one. Dumbledore explains his suspicions that Riddle made six, including the now-destroyed ring and diary, the locket, the cup, and Nagini. Dumbledore promises Harry can join him in destroying the next one, and explains to Harry what love - and the prophecy - really mean.

HBP: chapter 23, pp. 492-493      

Harry walks back into the castle with the newly obtained memory and heads to Gryffindor Tower, but the Fat Lady pretends the password has changed and won't let him in. When Nearly Headless Nick informs Harry that [Dumbledore] has returned, though, he heads off to Dumbledore's office instead.

The Real Memory

HBP: chapter 23, pp. 493-499      

Harry runs up to Dumbledore's office excitedly and together the two of them watch the memory Harry got from Slughorn.

HBP: chapter 23, pp. 494-499      

At the end of a Slug Club meeting, Tom Riddle asks Professor Slughorn for information on Horcruxes, and particularly wizards who might split their souls into seven parts.

HBP: chapter 23, pp. 499-512      

After watching Slughorn's full memory, [Dumbledore] explains his theory on Voldemort's Horcruxes to Harry and together they discuss the fight to destroy them, the power of Harry's love, and the meaning and power of the [prophecy].

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