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Outline of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
24. Sectumsempra
Chapter 24 summary      

Chapter 24 - "Sectumsempra" - In which Ron and Ginny are both single again, Katie Bell returns to Hogwarts but can't remember what happened to her, and Harry sees Malfoy with Moaning Myrtle on the Marauder's Map and runs to eavesdrop - but when Malfoy tries to hex Harry, Harry uses Sectumsempra on him without knowing what it does and slashes him apart. Snape heals Malfoy but gives Harry detention during the Quidditch match, which Gryffindor wins anyway. Then, when Harry arrives at the party, he finally kisses Ginny.

HBP: chapter 24, pp. 513-515      

In [Charms] class, [Harry] tells [Ron] and [Hermione] about the [Horcruxes], [Ron] makes [Lavender] cry by brushing snow off of [Hermione]'s shoulders, and [Harry] learns that [Ginny] and [Dean] have had a row. [Professor Flitwick] then sets homework for [Ron] and [Harry], who have been so busy talking they haven't practiced the charm.

The Quidditch Final Approaches

HBP: chapter 24, pp. 515-518      

[Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] sit in the [common room], each thinking about recent developments in relationships. [Katie Bell] then returns, but can't remember the details of her [Imperius Curse], and the trio thinks very briefly of brewing more [Felix Felicis].

HBP: chapter 24, pp. 518-519      

The [Gryffindor Quidditch Team] has a great practice thanks to [Katie]'s return and [Ginny]'s impersonations of [Ron].

HBP: chapter 24, pp. 519-521      

As time passes, [Harry] continues thinking about [Ginny] and wondering whether [Ron] would be upset if they got together. Meanwhile, the whole school is focusing on the final [Quidditch] match of the year, which will determine the winner of the [Quidditch Cup], and [Harry] is still thinking about what [Malfoy] is up to and how to stop him.

Harry Versus Draco

HBP: chapter 24, pp. 521-523      

[Harry] spots [Malfoy] in the bathroom with [Moaning Myrtle], and immediately [Draco] springs up to curse Harry; Harry then uses the [Sectumsempra] curse, springing gashes in Malfoy. [Myrtle] then freaks out and goes screaming to the whole school.

HBP: chapter 24, pp. 523-528      

[Snape] rushes into the bathroom, quickly healing the gashes [Harry] has made in [Malfoy]. He sends [Harry] to get his textbooks, and when [Harry] returns, gives him [detention] every Saturday for the rest of the school year.

HBP: chapter 24, pp. 524-527      

[Harry] runs and quickly borrows [Ron]'s [Advanced Potion-Making] and hides his own in the [Room of Requirement] before returning to show his books to [Snape].

HBP: chapter 24, pp. 528-531      

Back in the [common room], [Hermione] refuses to lay off [Harry] as they talk about the [Half-Blood Prince], eventually prompting [Ginny] to yell at her as well.

Detention and an Overdue Kiss

HBP: chapter 24, p. 531      

With the [Quidditch] match approaching, [Gryffindors] are all quite frustrated with [Harry] for landing himself in [detention] with [Snape].

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