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Outline of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
27. The Lightning-Struck Tower
Chapter 27 summary      

Chapter 27 - "The Lightning-Struck Tower" - In which Harry and Dumbledore return to Hogsmeade and see the Dark Mark over Hogwarts. They fly to the top of the Astronomy Tower, where Draco appears and disarms Dumbledore, but can't bring himself to kill him and Dumbledore tries to convince Draco to come to the good side. Before Malfoy can decide, though, other Death Eaters show up - including Snape, who kills Dumbledore himself, blasting the body off of the tower.

HBP: chapter 27, pp. 579-583      

Harry helps [Dumbledore] [Apparate] back to [Hogsmeade], only to run into an alarmed [Madam Rosmerta] who tells them the [Dark Mark] has appeared over Hogwarts. Harry [Acccios] two [brooms] and he and [Dumbledore] fly toward the school.

Atop the Astronomy Tower

HBP: chapter 27, pp. 583-592      

Shortly after [Dumbledore] and Harry reach the Astronomy Tower, Draco arrives and disarms [Dumbledore], and they discuss his assignment - and his fear - of killing the headmaster.

HBP: chapter 27, pp. 592-596      

A band of Death Eaters arrives on the top of the Astronomy Tower, confronting [Dumbledore] and a terrified Malfoy. Soon Snape arrives as well, and quickly performs the [Avada Kedavra].

28. Flight of the Prince

Chapter 28 summary      

Chapter 28 - "Flight of the Prince" - In which Snape, Malfoy, and the Death Eaters flee, and Harry gives chase. On the way, he runs through a raging battle involving the Order and tries unsuccessfully to curse Snape (who we learn definitively is the Half-Blood Prince), Hagrid's hut is set ablaze and the Death Eaters escape. Harry and Hagrid then put out the fire, see students all over the grounds, and find Dumbledore's body. Harry also discovers that the locket was not a real Horcrux, but a replacement put there by the person who took the real one: R.A.B.

Harry Versus Snape

HBP: chapter 28, pp. 597-601      

Snape leads the Death Eaters down the stairs from the Astronomy Tower and out of the school with Harry, now unfrozen, in close pursuit.

HBP: chapter 28, pp. 601-605      

Harry chases Snape across the lawn as the Death Eaters launch curses at him and at Hagrid. Snape admits he's the Half-Blood Prince, though he won't let Harry use an [Unforgivable Curse], and won't let the other Death Eaters kill Harry, either - and soon they all get past the gates and [Disapparate].

HBP: chapter 28, pp. 605-607      

With the Death Eaters gone, Harry finds Hagrid and tells him that [Dumbledore] has been killed by Snape. Together, they then make their way back toward the castle.

In the Hospital Wing

HBP: chapter 28, pp. 607-610      

Harry spots [Dumbledore]'s body and finds the locket with the note from R.A.B., realizing that it is nothing more than a fake Horcrux.

HBP: chapter 29, pp. 611-612      

Ginny leads Harry away from [Dumbledore]'s body and up to the hospital wing, telling him on the way that all of the members of the Order are still alive.

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