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Outline of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
29. The Poenix Lament
Chapter 29 summary      

Chapter 29 - "The Phoenix Lament" - In which Ginny leads Harry to the hospital wing, where the Order discusses Bill, Dumbledore, Snape, and the events of the evening. We also learn that Fleur still wants to marry a disfigured Bill, and that Lupin has been refusing dates with Tonks. McGonagall takes Harry to her office (formerly Dumbledore's) and asks where he was but Harry refuses to say; the heads of houses then arrive and discuss closing the school. Finally, as Scrimgeour arrives, Harry leaves to Gryffindor Tower, where he updates Ron on the Horcrux.

The New Headmistress' Office

HBP: chapter 29, pp. 613-625      

In the [hospital wing], the [Order] discusses [Bill]'s injury, the shock of [Dumbledore]'s death, and their surprise that [Snape] was the one to kill him. After the [Weasleys] arrive, [Fleur] announces her intention to still marry [Bill], and [Tonks] hers to be with [Lupin].

HBP: chapter 29, pp. 625-627      

[Professor McGonagall] takes [Harry] out of the [hospital wing] and up to the [headmaster's office] to ask him where he had been with [Dumbledore], but he refuses to tell her.

HBP: chapter 29, pp. 627-630      

The heads of houses arrive in [McGonagall]'s new office to discuss the closing of [Hogwarts] and arrangements of [Dumbledore]'s funeral. [Harry] leaves just before the arrival of [Rufus Scrimgeour].

HBP: chapter 29, pp. 630-632      

[Harry] returns to his [dormitory] through the packed [common room], and talks with [Ron] about the [Horcrux].

30. The White Tomb
Chapter 30 summary      

Chapter 30 - "The White Tomb" - In which most students hang around for Dumbledore's funeral, as wizards from across the country flood in to pay their last respects. Hermione discovers that Eileen Prince was Snape's mother, Harry ponders the Horcruxes a bit, and then all attend the funeral, after which Harry breaks up with Ginny. As Harry then walks off on his own, Scrimgeour again tries to persuade him to help the ministry, and Ron and Hermione come over. Harry tells them he won't return to Hogwarts, and they pledge to stay by his side.

Coming to Grips

HBP: chapter 30, pp. 633-634      

As the days pass leading up to [Dumbledore]'s funeral, many parents pull their students from [Hogwarts] and guests descend on [Hogsmeade] from all over the world.

HBP: chapter 30, p. 634      

[Harry], [Ginny], [Ron], and [Hermione] spend their time together, visiting the [hospital wing] often, where [Bill] improves but is disfigured and suddenly likes very rare steaks.

HBP: chapter 30, pp. 634-639      

Sitting in the [Gryffindor common room], [Harry], [Ginny], [Ron], and [Hermione] talk about [Bill] and [Fleur], and once [Ginny] goes to bed, the trio discusses [R.A.B.] and [Snape].

HBP: chapter 30, pp. 639-640      

[Harry] sits at breakfast the morning of [Dumbledore]'s funeral, silently thinking and looking around the [Great Hall].

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