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Outline of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Dumbledore's Funeral

HBP: chapter 30, pp. 640-646      

The students make their way outside for [Dumbledore]'s funeral, attended by most of the important wizards in Britain, along with centaurs and merpeople.

HBP: chapter 30, pp. 646-647      

After the end of [Dumbledore]'s funeral, Harry reluctantly breaks up with Ginny and walks away.

Dumbledore's Man Through and Through

HBP: chapter 30, pp. 647-649      

Rufus Scrimgeour seeks out Harry again to ask him where he had been with [Dumbledore] and to again ask for his help, but Harry again refuses and Scrimgeour walks away.

HBP: chapter 30, pp. 650-652      

Harry walks down to the lake with Ron and Hermione, talking about Scrimgeour, Hogwarts, and Harry's plans to visit Privet Drive and [Godric's Hollow] and seek out the other Horcruxes. Ron and Hermione, though, remind him of Bill and Fleur's wedding that needs to happen first - and pledge to join him wherever he goes.

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