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Outline of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
HBP: chapter 5, pp. 81-82      

[Dumbledore] drops [Harry] off at the [Burrow], where they find [Molly Weasley] and [Tonks].

A New Job for Mr. Weasley

HBP: chapter 5, pp. 83-86      

[Molly] gives [Harry] dinner, and together they discuss [Slughorn] and [Arthur]'s promotion.

HBP: chapter 5, pp. 86-87      

[Arthur] arrives home from the [Ministry], and [Harry] overhears the secret passwords he and [Molly] use to verify each other's identities.

HBP: chapter 5, pp. 87-88      

[Arthur] arrives home and discusses his job with [Harry] and [Molly].

HBP: chapter 5, p. 88      

[Harry] heads up to bed, sleeping alone in [Fred] and [George]'s room.

In Fred and George's Room

HBP: chapter 5, pp. 88-90      

[Ron] and [Hermione] wake [Harry] up and welcome him to the [Burrow], and the three discuss Harry's night with [Dumbledore].

HBP: chapter 5, pp. 90-91      

[Ginny] shows up and she, [Ron], and [Hermione] bash [Fleur Delacour], though [Harry] doesn't know who they're talking about.

HBP: chapter 5, pp. 91-92      

[Fleur] arrives with [Harry]'s breakfast and news that she and [Bill] are going to be married.

HBP: chapter 5, pp. 92-93      

[Molly] discusses marriage with [Harry], [Ron], [Hermione], and [Ginny] - the quickness of her own and her disapproval of [Bill] and [Fleur]'s.

HBP: chapter 5, pp. 93-95      

[Hermione], [Ron], and [Ginny] tell [Harry] more about [Fleur Delacour] and [Tonks].

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