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Outline of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
HBP: chapter 7, p. 131      

[Harry] passes [Ginny] on his way to the kitchen to do his laundry, and she cracks a joke about [Fleur Delacour].

HBP: chapter 7, pp. 131-132      

[Harry] and [Mrs. Weasley] briefly discuss [Tonks] and their plans for getting to [Hogwarts], while [Fleur] chimes in.

HBP: chapter 7, pp. 132-133      

[Harry], [Ron], [Hermione], and [Ginny] say goodbye to [Bill] and [Fleur], depart the [Burrow], and make their way to the [Hogwarts Express].

On Platform 9 3/4

HBP: chapter 7, pp. 133-135      

[Harry] pulls [Mr. Weasley] aside on [Platform 9 3/4] and tells him his suspicions regarding [Draco Malfoy].

HBP: chapter 7, pp. 135-136      

[Harry] hops aboard the [Hogwarts Express], and [Molly] calls after him as the train departs.

Harry, Neville, and Luna Chat Aboard the Hogwarts Express

HBP: chapter 7, pp. 136-137      

[Harry] sets off down the corridors of the [Hogwarts Express] with all eyes on him, and after bidding goodbye to [Ginny], finds a compartment with [Neville] and [Luna].

HBP: chapter 7, pp. 137-138      

[Harry], [Neville], and [Luna] exchange pleasantries and briefly discuss the [D.A.]

HBP: chapter 7, p. 138      

[Romilda Vane] introduces herself to [Harry] amidst her giggly friends, but [Harry] refuses to join her, opting to stay with [Neville] and [Luna] instead.

HBP: chapter 7, pp. 139-140      

[Harry], [Neville], and [Luna] continue chatting, while [Harry] thinks of the [prophecy] and [Neville]'s role (and potential role) in the fight against [Voldemort]. [Luna] then attributes his vague manner to a [Wrackspurt].

HBP: chapter 7, pp. 140-142      

[Hermione] and [Ron] return from [Prefect] duty, talking about [Malfoy], and [Harry] and [Neville] recieve invitations to [Slughorn]'s compartment.

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