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Outline of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Late to the Welcoming Feast

HBP: chapter 8, pp. 162-165      

Harry arrives in the Great Hall, where Hermione siphons the blood off his face; they and Ron then discuss things that have happened since they last saw each other.

HBP: chapter 8, pp. 165-168      

[Dumbledore] makes his usual Welcoming Feast announcements, about banned items and safety, and also a new development - Snape will be taking over as Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, while Slughorn teaches Potions.

HBP: chapter 8, pp. 168-169      

Harry and Ron hang back while the Great Hall empties, discussing Draco Malfoy's boasts on the train.

HBP: chapter 8, pp. 169-170      

Hagrid arrives, asking Harry not to speak Voldemort's name and updating Harry and Ron about Grawp. As he walks away, Harry and Ron realize that nobody will be taking [N.E.W.T.]-level Care of Magical Creatures.

9. The Half-Blood Prince
Chapter 9 summary      

Chatper 9 - "The Half-Blood Prince" - In which Gryffindors get course schedules and discuss Malfoy and Quidditch trials, then go to their first day of classes. In Defence Against the Dark Arts Harry fights back against Snape's attempt to jinx him and gets detention, during break he hears his first lesson with Dumbledore will be Saturday, and in Potions Harry wins the Felix Felicis thanks to a perfect potion he brewed with the instructions written in his book by the Half-Blood Prince.

HBP: chapter 9, pp. 171-173      

Harry and Ron tell Hermione about Draco Malfoy's conversation on the train, Hermione confiscates a Fanged Frisbee (which Ron takes, much to Lavender Brown's amusement]), and they discuss their new schedules.

Business at Breakfast

HBP: chapter 9, pp. 173-175      

Professor McGonagall hands out course schedules to the sixth years. She compliments Neville, much to his surprise, and Harry learns he will be able to take Potions.

HBP: chapter 9, pp. 175-176      

Katie Bell compliments Harry on becoming the [Quidditch captain] and they disccuss tryouts.

Snape's Defence Against the Dark Arts Class

HBP: chapter 9, pp. 176-179      

In his first class as Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, Snape introduces sixth-years to the [N.E.W.T.]-level course, and [nonverbal spells] in particular.

HBP: chapter 9, pp. 179-180      

Ron and Harry practice [nonverbal] [Shield Charms] in their first Defence Against the Dark Arts class, until Snape tries to jinx Harry and he talks back - earning his first detention of the year.

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