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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
1. The Dark Lord Ascending
Chapter 1 summary      

Chapter 1 - "The Dark Lord Ascending" - In which Snape and [Yaxley] arrive at [Malfoy Manor] and join Voldemort and the Death Eaters in planning a way to capture Harry Potter as the Order of the Phoenix rescues him from Privet Drive. [Charity Burbage] is murdered by Voldemort and fed to Nagini.

Death Eaters by Moonlight

DH: chapter 1, pp. 1-2      

After [Apparating] to the front of the [Malfoy Mansion], Snape and [Yaxley] speak briefly of good news, then silently walk across the grounds, through the front door, and into the drawing room.

Hanging Out with Voldemort

DH: chapter 1, pp. 2-7      

Voldemort greets Snape and [Yaxley], and along with the other Death Eaters, begins discussing the Order of the Phoenix's plans to move Harry Potter, and the fact that [Pius Thicknesse] has been [Imperiused]; all the while, an unidentified woman hangs silently in the air over the table.

DH: chapter 1, p. 7      

Voldemort's meeting is briefly disturbed by a wailing coming from underneath the floor, and he sends Wormtail to investigate.

DH: chapter 1, pp. 7-11      

Continuing his meeting, Voldemort demands Lucius Malfoy's wand, and goads the [Malfoys] over their attitudes, and Bellatrix Lestrange over her family. Bellatrix promises, then, to do her best to kill Tonks, at Voldemort's request.

DH: chapter 1, pp. 11-12      

Voldemort casts his attention - and that of his Death Eaters - toward the woman hanging above the table, [Charity Burbage]. She spots Snape and pleads for her life, but Voldemort kills her and feeds her to Nagini.

2. In Memoriam

Chapter 2 summary      

Chapter 2 - "In Memoriam" - In which Harry Potter packs his rucksack in preparation for hunting [Horcruxes] and reads several articles in the [Daily Prophet] about the late [Albus Dumbledore] which suggest some mysteries in the Headmaster's past.


DH: chapter 2, pp. 13-15      

Harry Potter, alone in his bedroom, sets to cleaning out his school [trunk], cutting his hand in the process. He then piles the things he won't need in the corner, and packs the important items in a rucksack.

Dumbledore Remembered

DH: chapter 2, pp. 15-22      

Harry finds a [Daily Prophet] with an obituary of [Albus Dumbledore], written by [Elphias Doge]. It tells the story of Albus's successes at school, his rocky relationship with Aberforth, and his weathering his parents' deaths and returning home after school to care for his sister, [Ariana]. Harry wonders, then, about all the things that Dumbledore had never told him

DH: chapter 2, pp. 22-28      

A more recent [Daily Prophet] has another article that catches Harry's eye, and he reads it; it is an article about a biography Rita Skeeter is writing on [Dumbledore]. She denounces [Elphias Doge], of course, and hints at dark, dirty secrets that are to be revealed in the biography. She also insists that she has a "close" relationship with Harry, a lie that infuriates him.

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