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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
DH: chapter 14, pp. 276-279      

Harry sits alone, keeping watch outside the tent, thinking a bit about Kreacher and a lot about the [Horcruxes] - what they are, where they might be, how on earth he is ever going to find and destroy them, and why [Dumbledore] never told him more.

DH: chapter 14, pp. 279-280      

Harry's [scar] burns again, and he sees a vision of Voldemort confronting [Gregorovitch]. The old [wand]-maker, though, tells Voldemort that he doesn't have what he's looking for - and after a quick reading of his memory confirms this, Voldemort kills him and Harry awakens.

DH: chapter 14, pp. 280-281      

Hermione brings Harry out of his vision, angry that he's dozed off, and he begrudgingly heads back into the tent.

DH: chapter 14, pp. 281-283      

As Harry heads to bed, he tells Ron of his vision of Voldemort killing [Gregorovitch], and together they wonder why, and Harry dwells on the thought of the boy who had stolen something from the [wand]-maker, so many years before.

DH: chapter 15, p. 284      

In the morning, Harry buries Mad-Eye Moody's eye and he, Ron, and Hermione pack up, ready to head to a new campsite that will hopefully be nearer to food.

DH: chapter 15, pp. 284-287      

Though he, Ron, and Hermione [Apparate] to a [market town], Harry finds it's flanked with [dementors] and that he can't produce a [Patronus] to sneak through and find food. Hermione, though, realizes the reason - [Slytherin's locket], hung around Harry's neck, is dragging down his emotions. Relieved, they move to a [farm] for the night instead.

DH: chapter 15, pp. 287-292      

As days pass, the trio discovers that their moods can be directly tied to how well they eat in a given day, and continues to discuss and ponder the [Horcruxes] amidst constant bickering. They also keep searching and trying to find clues - stopping at Voldemort's old [orphanage], and in Harry's case, tuning into Voldemort's thoughts. Meanwhile Ron and Hermione seem to be talking more behind Harry's back, but can't come up with any other ideas to help them.

DH: chapter 15, pp. 292-294      

Ron begins complaining about food one night, bickering with Hermione and Ron until Harry hears someone outside and quickly shuts them up, as they all listen intently, wondering whether their protective enchantments will hold.

DH: chapter 15, pp. 294-300      

Harry, Ron, and Hermione listen as a group of wizards on the run parks outside their tent, discussing news and their run from the Death Eaters. Among other things, they overhear news that their friends tried to steal [Gryffindor's sword] from Snape's office, and that the copy Snape sent to [Gringotts] for safekeeping is a fake - as well as the fact that the [Quibbler] is publishing pro-Harry stories. Finally, the group departs, leaving the trio excited.

DH: chapter 15, pp. 300-304      

Thinking quickly, Hermione pulls Phineas Nigellus's portrait from her bag - and learns from him that Ginny, Neville, and Luna were sent into the [Forbidden Forest] as punishment for their attempt to steal [Gryffindor's sword], as well as the fact that [Dumbledore] has used the sword to destroy the ring [Horcrux].

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