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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Escape to Dartmoor

DH: chapter 14, pp. 276-279      

[Harry] sits alone, keeping watch outside the tent, thinking a bit about [Kreacher] and a lot about the [Horcruxes] - what they are, where they might be, how on earth he is ever going to find and destroy them, and why [Dumbledore] never told him more.

DH: chapter 14, pp. 279-280      

[Harry]'s [scar] burns again, and he sees a vision of [Voldemort] confronting [Gregorovitch]. The old [wand]-maker, though, tells Voldemort that he doesn't have what he's looking for - and after a quick reading of his memory confirms this, Voldemort kills him and Harry awakens.

DH: chapter 14, pp. 280-281      

[Hermione] brings [Harry] out of his vision, angry that he's dozed off, and he begrudgingly heads back into the tent.

DH: chapter 14, pp. 281-283      

As [Harry] heads to bed, he tells [Ron] of his vision of [Voldemort] killing [Gregorovitch], and together they wonder why, and Harry dwells on the thought of the boy who had stolen something from the [wand]-maker, so many years before.

DH: chapter 15, p. 284      

In the morning, [Harry] buries [Mad-Eye Moody]'s eye and he, [Ron], and [Hermione] pack up, ready to head to a new campsite that will hopefully be nearer to food.

On the Move, Camping Out

DH: chapter 15, pp. 284-287      

Though he, [Ron], and [Hermione] [Apparate] to a [market town], [Harry] finds it's flanked with [dementors] and that he can't produce a [Patronus] to sneak through and find food. Hermione, though, realizes the reason - [Slytherin's locket], hung around Harry's neck, is dragging down his emotions. Relieved, they move to a [farm] for the night instead.

DH: chapter 15, pp. 287-292      

As days pass, the trio discovers that their moods can be directly tied to how well they eat in a given day, and continues to discuss and ponder the [Horcruxes] amidst constant bickering. They also keep searching and trying to find clues - stopping at [Voldemort]'s old [orphanage], and in [Harry]'s case, tuning into Voldemort's thoughts. Meanwhile [Ron] and [Hermione] seem to be talking more behind Harry's back, but can't come up with any other ideas to help them.

Arguments, Eavesdropping, and Ron's Departure

DH: chapter 15, pp. 292-294      

[Ron] begins complaining about food one night, bickering with [Hermione] and [Ron] until Harry hears someone outside and quickly shuts them up, as they all listen intently, wondering whether their protective enchantments will hold.

DH: chapter 15, pp. 294-300      

[Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] listen as a group of wizards on the run parks outside their tent, discussing news and their run from the [Death Eaters]. Among other things, they overhear news that their friends tried to steal [Gryffindor's sword] from [Snape]'s office, and that the copy Snape sent to [Gringotts] for safekeeping is a fake - as well as the fact that the [Quibbler] is publishing pro-Harry stories. Finally, the group departs, leaving the trio excited.

DH: chapter 15, pp. 300-304      

Thinking quickly, [Hermione] pulls [Phineas Nigellus]'s portrait from her bag - and learns from him that [Ginny], [Neville], and [Luna] were sent into the [Forbidden Forest] as punishment for their attempt to steal [Gryffindor's sword], as well as the fact that [Dumbledore] has used the sword to destroy the ring [Horcrux].

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