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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
DH: chapter 15, pp. 304-310      

With Phineas Nigellus gone, Harry and Hermione celebrate their newfound news - until they hear Ron, incredibly bitter about how far they still have to go in destroying [Horcruxes]. Finally, Ron and Harry nearly come to blows, and outraged, Ron asks Hermione to choose between them, and disappears.

DH: chapter 16, pp. 311-312      

Harry and Hermione mournfully pack the tent, stalling as long as they can to give Ron a chance to return - and then finally, knowing he'll never be able to find them again, [Apparate] to a new location.

DH: chapter 16, pp. 312-315      

As the days pass, Harry and Hermione try to figure out where to search for [Gryffindor's sword] and the remaining [Horcruxes], and make a point of refusing to discuss Ron as they change locations each morning. They also learn from Phineas Nigellus that Neville, Ginny, and Luna were continuing the D.A. and rebelling against Snape at [Hogwarts].

DH: chapter 16, pp. 315-321      

One night with Christmas approaching, Hermione continues to search through [The Tales of Beedle the Bard], and Harry finally gets up the nerve to suggest a trip to [Godric's Hollow] - and to his surprise, Hermione agrees. She points out (to Harry's surprise) that this makes sense as it's the birthplace of Godric Gryffindor, and the home of [Bathilda Bagshot].

16. Godric's Hollow
Chapter 16 summary      

Over the next few days, Harry's excitement over visiting [Godric's Hollow] mounts, as he and Hermione work out their disguises and practice [Apparating] under the [Invisibility Cloak].

DH: chapter 16, pp. 322-329      

After appearing in a snowy [Godric's Hollow], Harry and Hermione shed the [Invisibility Cloak] and walk through town, disguised as Muggles, and realize it's Christmas Eve. In the town square, they discover a statue of Harry and his parents, and then in the graveyard discover graves for [Kendra] and [Ariana Dumbledore], and finally, for James and Lily as well. There they leave a wreath of roses, and walk out silently together.

DH: chapter 17, pp. 330-331      

On their way out of the graveyard, Harry and Hermione hear the sounds of someone following them, pull on the [Invisibility Cloak], and set off down the row of houses.

DH: chapter 17, pp. 331-333      

Searching for [Bathilda Bagshot]'s house, Harry and Hermione instead come across another building - the [cottage] where he and his parents were once attacked by Voldemort, left intact with the roof blown off as a monument to the event.

DH: chapter 17, pp. 333-335      

Unexpectedly an old woman - able to see through the [Invisibility Cloak] - arrives and beckons Harry and Hermione. They confirm that she is [Bathilda Bagshot], and follow her up the path into her house.

DH: chapter 17, pp. 335-342      

Inside the [Bagshot house], Harry and Hermione marvel at their surroundings for a bit - but soon [Bathilda] takes Harry upstairs, and to Harry's shock, turns into the snake, Nagini, and attacks. Harry sees Voldemort coming and Hermione arrives, but Harry barely knows what happens as he falls from his own consciousness into Voldemort's, just as he and Hermione escape.

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