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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
DH: chapter 17, pp. 342-345      

Harry - in Voldemort's consciousness - is transported back into a memory of Halloween, [1981]. There he walks the streets of [Godric's Hollow], finds the [Potter cottage], kills James and then Lily Potter, and is destroyed when he tries to kill Harry as well. Then, as Harry returns to consciousness, he watches Voldemort - now today - discover a picture on the floor of the [Bagshot house], a picture of the mysterious thief.

DH: chapter 17, pp. 345-349      

Harry awakens, regaining his own consciousness, and finds Hermione worrying about him. He then explains to her how [Bathilda Bagshot] was actually Nagini, remembering Lupin's qquote about encountering "magic we'd never imagined." He also learns from a reluctant Hermione that his [wand] has been broken, and feeling like a part of him has been killed, he borrrows her wand to take watch.

DH: chapter 18, pp. 350-351      

As dawn arrives Harry laments the loss of his [wand] and sits, irate, thinking of [Dumbledore] and the quest he set them on, seeming more and more futile as time goes on.

DH: chapter 18, pp. 351-352      

Hermione arrives with tea for Harry, as well as a copy of [The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore], taken from [Bathilda Bagshot]'s house. Harry honestly tells Hermione that he's not angry with her, but grateful that despite breaking his [wand], she saved his life.

DH: chapter 18, pp. 352-359      

Harry is soon distracted by the [Dumbledore] biography - wherein he finds a picture of [Gellert Grindelwald], as well as the story of Dumbledore's family, his onetime friendship with Grindelwald, the death of his mother and sister, and astonishingly, a letter from Dumbledore describing wizarding dominance as being "for the greater good."

DH: chapter 18, pp. 359-362      

Hermione and Harry wonder aloud about the things they've newly learned about [Dumbledore] - especially given Rita Skeeter being the source from which they came. The conversation ends with Harry more furious at Dumbledore than ever, as well as frustrated, wondering what to believe and what on earth to do now.

DH: chapter 18, pp. 363-364      

Harry and Hermione spend a sleepless night keeping watch in the cold, thinking that they are seeing and hearing someone beyond the boundaries of their protection. They decide, though, to [Apparate] away hidden under the [Invisibility Cloak], and Hermione takes them to the [Forest of Dean].

DH: chapter 18, pp. 364-367      

Harry sits out keeping watch in the dark, still hearing noises around him. Suddenly he sees a silvery doe - a [Patronus] - and feeling it's somehow safe and good, he follows it through the forest until it vanishes by a frozen pool, with the [sword of Gryffindor] at the bottom.

DH: chapter 18, pp. 367-370      

Needing and wanting the sword, Harry dives for the bottom of the pool, when suddenly the [Horcrux] around his neck tightens, strangling him, and he is saved only when unknown arms reach around him and pull him to the surface as he blacks out.

DH: chapter 18, pp. 370-375      

Coming to, Harry is surprised to discover that Ron was the one to pull him from the pool. Ron quickly tells Harry how he found him, and as they wonder about the [Horcrux], Harry realizes that Ron needs to be the one to destroy it. Finally he convinces Ron to do it, and they prepare to do so.

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