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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
DH: chapter 21, pp. 409-413      

[Xeno] explains the [Deathly Hallows] to Harry, Ron, and a particularly skeptical Hermione - describing generations of seekers looking for the [Elder Wand], the [Resurrection Stone], and the [Cloak of Invisibility], created by the [Peverell] brothers. Finally, he leaves to call Luna home yet again, leaving the trio behind, alone.

DH: chapter 21, pp. 413-418      

With [Xeno] gone, Harry, Ron, and Hermione discuss the [Deathly Hallows], wondering whether they exist. As they talk, Harry wanders up to Luna's bedroom and discovers it empty, making him immediately suspicious.

DH: chapter 21, pp. 418-420      

Harry and [Xenophilius] return to the room simultaneously, where Harry confronts Xeno on Luna's not being home. Xeno admits that he wants to turn Harry in because Luna has been arrested to punish him for coming to Harry's defense, and with [Ministry] wizards arriving, Xeno attacks and explodes the [Erumpet] horn, blocking the stairs.

DH: chapter 21, pp. 420-423      

As [Travers] and [Selwyn] arrive, they mock [Xenophilius] for what they believe is another close call, and Hermione blows a hole in the floor, showing herself and Harry to the [Ministry] officials as they successfully escape.

DH: chapter 22, pp. 424-425      

Landing in a field, Hermione rushes to set up protective enchantments while she, Harry, and Ron wonder what will become of [Xeno Lovegood] and Luna.

DH: chapter 22, pp. 425-434      

Inside the tent, the trio debates the truth of the [Deathly Hallows], but while Harry convinces himself that his [Invisibility Cloak] is one of the Hallows, and that another - the [Resurrection Stone] - is hidden inside his [Snitch] from [Dumbledore], a skeptical Hermione stays focused on the [Horcruxes], and walks out to take first watch.

DH: chapter 22, pp. 434-435      

As he falls asleep, Harry thinks more about the [Deathly Hallows], all but overcome with his desire to obtain them all.

DH: chapter 22, pp. 435-438      

As Harry, Ron, and Hermione continue on, Harry dwells on the [Deathly Hallows] and his frustration with his friends grows as they stay focused on the [Horcruxes]. His distraction leads Ron to take charge, and they continue to search Wizarding locales for clues while Ron tries unsuccessfully to tune the radio to [Potterwatch].

DH: chapter 22, pp. 438-444      

Finally Ron manages to find [Potterwatch] on the radio, and he, Harry, and Hermione listen to stories of deaths (including [Ted Tonks], [Dirk Cresswell], and [Bathilda Bagshot]), the activities of Death Eaters, and an editorial from Lupin stating his belief that Harry is still alive. Finally, too soon, their friends sign off, leaving the trio feeling their best in weeks.

DH: chapter 22, pp. 444-445      

A brief discussion about [Potterwatch] and Voldemort is cut short when Harry - despite Ron's attempt to stop him - mutters Voldemort's name, and the [Sneakoscope] announces the arrival of a band of [Snatchers].

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