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Outline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
DH: chapter 23, pp. 446-454      

Surrounded by [Snatchers], Hermione blasts Harry's face beyond recognition just as they and Ron are dragged outside. Under the leadership of [Fenrir Greyback], the Snatchers bind up the trio (alongside [Dean Thomas]), question them about their blood, and prepare to [Apparate] to [Malfoy Manor].

DH: chapter 23, pp. 454-456      

[Apparating] to [Malfoy Manor], the [Snatchers] drag Harry, Ron, Hermione, [Dean], and Griphook through the front gates and into the house, and all the while Harry sees visions through Voldemort's mind, as he flies to the top of a foreign tower.

DH: chapter 23, p. 456      

Without warning and trying to fight it, Harry is thrust into Voldemort's mind - where he sees him encountering a man in a prison cell who tells him, "I never had it."

DH: chapter 23, pp. 456-457      

At the door of [Malfoy Manor], Narcissa answers and, when she is told by [Fenrir Greyback] that he has brought Harry Potter, she lets the group of [Snatchers] into the drawing room.

DH: chapter 23, pp. 457-461      

In the [Malfoys]' drawing room, Lucius, Narcissa, [Fenrir Greyback], and Bellatrix Lestrange all debate whether Harry is in fact the Harry Potter. Finally, they decide he is, and Bellatrix and Lucius prepare to call Lord Voldemort, until suddenly something catches her eye.

DH: chapter 23, pp. 461-463      

Spotting [Gryffindor's sword], Bellatrix panics and grabs it, [Stunning] the [Snatchers]. Terrified, she has Harry and Ron sent to the cellar, keeping Hermione behind.

DH: chapter 23, pp. 463-467      

Locked in the cellar, Harry and Ron discover Luna, who sets them free of their bonds as they hear Bellatrix torturing Hermione in the drawing room above. Without thinking Harry whips out his mirror and catches what he thinks is [Dumbledore]'s eye, and begs for help; as he does Hermione claims [Gryffindor's sword] is merely a copy, and she sends for Griphook to verify the truth as Harry and Ron beg him to lie.

DH: chapter 23, pp. 467-469      

Draco Malfoy comes down the cellar stairs to fetch Griphook, and as he departs Dobby [Apparates] into the room. Fighting off images of Voldemort, Harry orders Dobby to take Luna, Griphook, and [Ollivander] to [Shell Cottage]. But, as he whisks them to safety, the Death Eaters above hear the crack of his Disapparation and send Wormtail to investigate.

DH: chapter 23, pp. 469-471      

Wormtail descends into the cellar, surprised by the light, and is immediately tackled by Harry and Ron. When he reaches his silver hand to choke Harry, however, Harry reminds him of his life debt - and Wormtail's moment of hesitation ends when his hand turns on its owner instead, killing him despite Harry and Ron's attempts to prevent the action yet again.

DH: chapter 23, pp. 471-473      

With Wormtail dead and the cellar door open, Harry and Ron charge up the stairs, where they overhear Griphook lying to Bellatrix Lestrange and telling her [Gryffindor's sword] is a fake. Upon hearing this, she calls Voldemort and orders Hermione's death - prompting Harry and Ron to charge into the room as Voldemort kills [Grindelwald]. After a brief scuffle, they are both apprehended, and with Voldemort on the way Harry can think of no way out.

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